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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Life: Bloggers With Class Award

Thank you to the beautiful Nicole from Meet Me In Midtown for nominating me for this award. It looks like this is a new award going around, and I'm grateful to be thought of as deserving of it. Nicole is probably my favorite lifestyle blogger. She is amazing at photographing her trips and she's going to study in Germany! She's quite the brave traveler and I really admire that about her.

  • If tagged, please copy the rules into your post
  • Please also link back to this post on Classy Cathleen
  • Recognize the blogger that tagged you (share a little about them and their blog, and link back to them)
  • Answer the questions that are a part of the award
  • Tag 5 bloggers that you feel are classy to receive the award as well
  • Let the bloggers know that they have been tagged!
  • Be sure to include the link to the Bloggers With Class community (And don’t forget to join!)
  • Include the image in your post

Now that the rules have been expressed, let's answer the questions!

What do you think it means to be classy?
For me, being classy means dressing appropriately and rising above difficult situations. Also, being proper and well-spoken is a definition of classy to me.

Who are some of your role models?
One of my role models is Zoe from Zoella. She's stayed true to herself throughout the years and she's grown into such a lovely woman. She lives quite a public life, but she's still able to keep some things private and stay classy. She doesn't rant on social media about other people and she's always so supportive of her viewers and fellow bloggers/youtubers.

Who are some of your style icons?
Again, Zoe. I just love how feminine her style is. Also, Blake Lively and Nina Dobrev are my celebrity icons. Last but not least, Tanya from Tanya Burr because she's curvy and fit at the same time. She wears such flattering outfits and she inspires me to embrace my looks more.

Pearls or bows?
Depends on my mood. If I want to be girly, I'd wear bows, but I don't own any. If I want to be extra fancy, I'd do pearls. I have fake pearls bracelet, does that count?

Who/What inspires you?
Creativity inspires me as well as YouTubers like Tyler Oakley and all the British YouTubers really. They have come so far and have handled their rise to fame so gracefully.

What is your favorite color?
At this point, I don't even know. I like the classy creams, but I also like the bright pinks and purples. I guess it depends on the context. Cream and pewter for interior design with a pop of color. For clothes, I prefer bright, but I don't really own that many. For makeup, I prefer neutral browns.

I'm not even aware what is considered classic. So, I don't know that I can say I like if it I don't even know what it looks like.

What are some of your favorite quotes?
This one I made myself: "Sometimes, you have to make sacrifices and put yourself first." With my anxiety, I've learned I can't continue pleasing people all the time, or I'd lose my sanity.

The same with Nicole, I like the Eleanor Roosevelt quote of "Do what you feel in your heart is right, for you'll be criticized anyway." So true, and when I'm upset, I think of this quote and then tell myself, "F the haters, do what you think is right." Haha :)

Why is it important to have class?
I think it's important because it's the only way I would respect someone. If someone has a dirty mouth that curses FOR NO REASON at all, then I lose respect for them. I curse, too, but not excessively. The same goes with the way someone is dressed. If you dress with all your bits hanging out, how can you expect me to respect you when you don't seem to respect yourself?

Why/when did you start your blog?
I started my blog a few years ago, but not knowing what I really wanted to focus on, I fell in and out of it. I've restarted my blog a few months ago in May and I'm loving it so far. I've been constantly inspired and just overall happy that I'm doing what I love again. I started it thinking I could monetize, but it evolved more into making new connections and hopefully developing lifelong friends that I otherwise would not have made in real life.

Those are all the questions! I'm sorry if they're a bit rambly. I nominate the bloggers below:

Alicia from Lissy Beauty
Amy from Style Storms
Bunmi from Buma's Closet
Velvet Blush - I can't find her name anywhere!
Millie from Millsie

Thanks again, Nicole for nominating me!

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Beauty: Mostly Natural Haul

I've been doing little shopping trips for the past month and this is what I've purchased since then. I'm so excited to try new things and to continue loving the ones I've repurchased!

This is my first time trying a different line than the Hawaiian line from Alba Botanica. I needed a new face wash and as I was writing this post, I somehow got a couple breakouts that I haven't had in MONTHS! I love the smell of this and it claims to prevent new breakouts.

This is a repurchase. I just love this moisturizer and literally scraped every last bit from the first one. Watch out for an empties post coming soon! If you'd like to see my review of this moisturizer, click here.

This is a holy grail for most people. I've tried the Maybelline Falsies Flared by accident, so this time, I wanted to try the original. I have high hopes because I did like the Flared mascara. I wanted to get the waterproof version but the reviews were less than the original, so I opted for this one.

I picked this up as a backup for when I run out of my Suave body wash. I love that it comes with a small loofa as well.
I have the Soap&Glory Clean on Me body wash in my wishlist and I plan on purchasing it when they hold a sale (I hope soon). In the meantime, I have Sweet Pea from Suave, and now a small Japanese Cherry Blossom from The Body Shop. By the way, Cherry Blossom (Japanese or otherwise) is my favorite scent.

I just felt like trying a new deodorant and I thought a travel version would be a nice size to try.

*The prices listed in this post are the amount I paid for these products. Prices may vary on where you buy them.

Have you tried any of these products?

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Music: Friday Favorite (5)

Photos courtesy of Google Images

I ended up enjoying two songs this week. Whenever it would play on Pandora, I'd start singing along - out loud or in my head. Strangely enough, I disliked both songs when they first came out. I guess since they played so often, they grew on me :)

I like Ariana's Break Free because for once, she didn't sound like all the other songs she's released so far. It still has the vocal acrobatics she's known for, but I think the quality is better.

As for Sia's Chandelier, I didn't like the strain in her voice in the beginning, but now I do. It has so much emotion and meaning when I hear it.

What was your favorite song this week?

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Beauty: Nail Polish Collection

Hey everyone! I'm excited to share my current nail polish collection with you all today! I don't do nail art, but I do like it when my nails are done. I've never been to a salon to get a mani/pedi before. I also am quite lazy when it comes to dong my nails. I think my nails are naked more often than they are polished in a month. Regardless, when I see something I like and it's on sale, you best believe I will buy it. Sometimes, I just feel the need to shop for a new color and I find it therapeutic.

I've put together a collage of the various shades I've done on my nails. I hope you enjoy them below. I also did a video if you'd like to know the exact name of the polishes in this post.

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Music: Friday Favorite (4)

Crush by David Archuleta

This week was very mentally challenging. As a result, I was constantly switching between three radio stations on Pandora. One of them was Jojo Radio. It was nice to hear throwback songs that I loved and discover old songs that I now love as well.

The one that stuck with me was Crush by David Archuleta. I found that I love his whole album. The lyrics and the melody was beautiful; it was exactly what I look for in music. All the talk about love makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, which was something I needed to keep me grounded and sane this week. 

Am I crazy or falling in love?
Is this real or just another crush?

What's your favorite David Archuleta song? 

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Beauty: NARS Sheer Glow Foundation Review

Photo courtesy of Google Images

I got a couple samples of this foundation in two shades: Santa Fe and Punjab. I've tried it now for more than five times. I really wanted to love this foundation because it looks amazing on so many people I watch on YouTube. This review will be in story format.

The first two tries...
This foundation had the best formula when it came to gliding on my face. It was effortless and very lightweight. The coverage was decent and my face ended up with a healthy glow. I was really happy, especially when my coworker said I was glowing.

The next two tries...
The third and fourth try, I saw something different. I wore the foundation with the same primer I used the first two times. I've seen in reviews that it was build-able so I wanted to see what it would look like. Weirdly enough, my face was slick with oil, it was cake-y, and my chin looked really weird. It almost looked like my face was ice cream and it was melting in the hot summer days. Needless to say, I was unhappy.

So I kept trying...
I kept trying the foundation samples and doing different things like not using a primer one day, or applying a really thin layer (I like to dot the foundation on my face), or even putting the foundation on the back of my hand and dabbing the brush before dabbing it onto my face. Well, since I knew I wanted to take photos for this review, I last powdered my face at 10am the day I was writing this post. I let the foundation do what it would for the rest of the day.

As you can see, my face was slicked. When I would accidentally touch my face, it felt like touching a stick of butter. I don't know if you can see in the photos, but the coverage was very minimal at this point. 

I really want this foundation to work for me. If you have any tips that I might be missing in my routine, PLEASE leave them in the comments below. I also plan on trying this foundation again in the winter months. I'm thinking maybe it's just not meant for me during the summer. If that's the case, I'd be happy.

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