Monday, May 2, 2016

BEAUTY/LIFE/FOOD | April Favorites 2016

It’s favorites time! I have a random collection of favorites for April, but I hope you enjoy reading about them!

First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream - I bought this product because I was desperate for hydration and the reviews were high on this one. I was really impressed and now I use it morning and night as my moisturizer. It’s thick, but it’s not heavy on the skin. It really saved my face and it’s also multipurpose so I can use it on other dry areas of my body.

Burt’s Bees Lipstick in Blush Basin - I’m absolutely in love with my Burt’s Bees lipstick. The color is way too sheer sometimes so I would still put it on, but I would also put a darker/brighter shade of lipstick on top. I’ve just gotten used to the extra moisturizing feeling on top of my lip balm that I use it over lip balm and underneath a more pigmented lipstick.

Ruelle - she’s my favorite artist of the month! I discovered her through Shadowhunters and I fell in love with her voice. Her music is pretty dark, but something about the lyrics and the music itself calms me down when I’m feeling internally stormy. I’m so grateful I found her music.

Stitchers - I never thought I’d say this but I loved Stitchers in April. My favorite character is Camille because she’s so sassy and independent, and confident. All the other characters I have also grown to like, and now I look forward to watching the new episodes on Hulu the next day :)

Ride Hard by Laura Kaye - this is the first book of the Raven Riders’ series. I loved the chemistry between the characters. There was a lot of respect, admiration, and romance. Read my full review here.

False Match by Lynne Silver - this is the second book of the Coded for Love series. I really enjoyed the humor of this book along with the romance. Read my full review here.

Snapchat - I have been enjoying posting little clips to my stories, but most important, I enjoyed snapping with my favorite person of the month! Follow me: ayre613

Amanda - I just met her but she’s become my favorite person so quickly. We talk every day in one form or another — texting, snap chatting, Facebook, twitter… She’s awesome :)

Triscuit Fire Roasted Tomato and Olive Oil - my coworker introduced me to this flavor. I used to just eat the Reduced Fat flavor, but now, I’m obsessed with this. I bought way too many boxes during a sale and got another friend hooked on it as well! They have so many flavors, it’s unreal!

What were the things you loved in April?

Monday, April 25, 2016

LIFE | Help Me: Help Homeless Women For My Birthday In June

Conscious Period Logo

Hi everyone! Today, I want to share with you something meaningful that I want to do for my birthday in June. Please keep reading to find out how you can help.

I was watching Ingrid Nilsen's video about periods. I loved the idea of finding a shelter and donating kits for women during that special time of the month. Less unfortunate women don't always have access to sanitary supplies or a bathroom, and using unsanitary things such as a dirty sock puts these women in danger of infection and illness.

So, for my birthday this year, I thought it would be a great idea to give back to the women in my community.

I went to the Conscious Period website, which is the company mentioned in Ingrid's video. They manufacture period products that's "health conscious, social conscious, and eco conscious." I definitely love the idea of the company, which is why I want to do something that supports their cause.

I learned from Ingrid's video that women who live in shelters or are homeless prefer pads over tampons because they are more convenient to use and lower maintenance than tampons. So, I am currently collecting coupons for pads so that I can gather my supplies and make kits to donate to a shelter of my choice. (I haven't yet decided how I will choose a shelter.)

The kit will include:
Panty liners
Intimate cleansing cloths

How can you help?

There are two ways you can help:

1. You can donate a monetary donation as little as $1, 1€, or 1£ and send it to me as a gift via PayPal using my email: ariannecruz07 at gmail . com. All proceeds will go into creating the kits. Please make sure that you send it as a gift so that I do not get charged a fee by PayPal. When sending your donations, please write a note that says "Conscious Period".

2. You can send a pack of pads, panty liners, and/or intimate cleansing cloths (any brand) to my mailbox: PO Box 1038 Vista CA 92085. 

I hope that you will help me provide sanitary essentials for the less fortunate women in my community on my birthday this year. Donations will be accepted until May 31, 2016. After this date, I will put together the kits and then deliver them to a shelter. 

Thank you for reading, and thank you in advance for your help.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

LIFE/FOOD | Meeting Amanda

This past Sunday was so special because I met Amanda officially! We crossed paths during the Social Hour by Jaaackjack event, but we only said 'hi' to each other and were too shy to really say anything else. 

Anyway, she was so lovely and left comments on each of my videos and she was so supportive. When she mentioned she wanted to try one of the products I mentioned in my videos, I offered to send her some samples. That's when I realized she lived in the same county. From then, I suggested we do a collab video, we started texting, and the rest is history.

I picked her up from her school, and then we drove north to my favorite sushi place. I hyped it up telling her that every waiter/waitress was gorgeous. I was glad she wasn't disappointed. She was a bit flustered, actually, which was funny and cute.

Amanda is also a YouTuber and she's vegan. She's the first vegan I've met in person and I told her that I'm excited to learn a lot from her when it comes to vegan foods.

We stopped at Ulta for a few minutes, then we went back to my place. I filmed a video while she prepared for our collab. We filmed a video for my channel and for her channel. It was so cool and fun to do!

We finished filming sooner than expected, so I suggested we go take some photos. She was only too happy to be my model for the day. I'll update the portrait section of my Photography portfolio to show some of the shots I took of her soon.

We had such a fun day and we were so comfortable with each other. Amanda has such an open and welcoming energy, even if she thought she was shy at first. Seriously, her vibe is the kind that everyone would gravitate towards because she's literally a ray of sunshine. I'm so happy we finally met in person. I'm looking forward to more adventures together! :)

Have you ever connected with someone online and then met them in person and totally hit it off?