Beauty: Winter Essentials Haul

Winter means surely, you can forgive me for not following my spending ban ;) I just realized I wasn't able to take photos of all the items I've purchased. The photos above are from the video accompanying this post. Bad blogger. I'll talk about the products, but you'll have to watch the video to see the clothing :)

As you can see above, I got a pink stocking. I specifically looked for it because I wanted to stand out and also I wanted something that defined me. Pink was the perfect color.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula - I was not the biggest fan of cocoa scent, until this product. The occupational therapist that I'm seeing for my tendonitis uses it when she massages my arms and hands. Absolutely amazing. It's so moisturizing, my dry skin seemed like it never existed.

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Body Cream - Kukui Nut - I love the smell of this because it's very subtle. It also has a bit of cocoa which makes me love it even more. The smell doesn't last, but I'm okay with that. It's moisturizing and so creamy, but not as good as Palmer's. This was also more expensive. Nonetheless, I recommend them both :)

Alba Botanica Lip Balm in Passion Fruit Nectar - I absolutely love this lip balm. I seriously think Alba Botanica needs to sponsor me very soon. *wink* This is one of the best lip balms I've ever tried. It's actually a few scents cheaper than Burt's Bees!

Not Your Mother's Knotty to Nice - This is a leave-in conditioner. I think it works, but don't take my word for it. One thing I don't like about it is the strong scent. Whew! It could knock someone out, methinks.

Alba Botanica Good and Clean Dual Textured Exfoliating Wipes - My skin has been quite sensitive during the colder months and the Hawaiian line was not doing me any good. My face stings when I use products with pineapple enzyme. Now, I have to limit which product I use and mix it up a bit. I don't mind coz it means I get to try a new awesome Alba Botanica product!

That's all the products I've purchased. As I've said in the beginning of this post, you'll have to watch the video to see what the sweaters (jumper) look like :)

What are your winter essentials?


Beauty: Holiday Gift Guide at Ulta

I am subscribed to a lot of beauty stores and one of them is Ulta. I received an email about a gift guide, so I thought, why not create my own by choosing the products I actually would give away if I had the money or the people to give the gifts to :)

If you'd like to see what I want for Christmas, click here ;)

Who are you buying presents for this holiday season?


Life: Sunset and Sorbet

I hung out with my friend (believe it or not, I have at least one) today and we ended up visiting a few places and chatting a lot. The first was a park in which we witnessed the beginning of a sunset. It was gorgeous and so calming. When we decided to go grab some food, we came across a walkway that looked quite beautiful to me so I photographed it (middle picture).


I was in the mood for a snack so we stopped by Saint Tropez. I'd never been there before, and the food was surprisingly good. I ordered the half Monaco Panini which had chicken, pesto, lettuce, and other condiments I could not remember. I really enjoyed it, but I only ate half of the half sandwich (quarter, for you math people) because I wanted to save some room for gelato. The place itself looked nice and cozy. I liked the cute little decorations and wood architecture of the place.

Finally, we made it to the gelato place... As it turned out, I was more interested in the sorbet. I was trying for a healthier option and I had no regrets. The sorbet was so good and light! My friend got Rum Raisin and Pumpkin Gelato.

We also ended up at In-N-Out because my friend suddenly felt hunger after his gelato treat. I shared half of his animal style fries, while he devoured a double-double with no onion and an indulgent vanilla shake. We chatted about being rich and famous and how I would use fame to support a good cause.

Overall, I had a good time and we walked quite a bit. It's nice to spend time with someone other than yourself sometimes...

Which do you prefer? Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, Gelato, or Sorbet?