Friday, February 5, 2016

FOOD | La Cocina Bar & Grill

I went to see my mom and as usual, we went out to eat. She found a new restaurant called La Cocina Bar and Grill. Wow, it was a fancy Mexican restaurant and I was impressed! First of all, look at that front door! I don't know about you, but to me, it looks like a door to somewhere magical.

When we entered, my first impression was that it was so rustic and I loved it! Everything was wooden and it felt like a special place. I haven't been to a Mexican restaurant in a while, so I forgot that they usually served chips and salsa to begin. I dug right in, not realizing the salsa was really spicy! Dear Lord, I hoped they would have warned me. I recovered, thankfully. The chips themselves were delicious and tasted of quality. But truthfully? My mom and I spent most of the time taking photos of ourselves while we waited for our main dish. 

I decided to order Carne Asada Fries, because why the heck not? I had been craving it two weeks ago, so I thought it was the perfect time to order it. I made sure to ask them not to put any sour cream (lactose intolerant), but I forgot to tell them I didn't want cilantro in it. Ah well, it was beautiful though, and it tasted even more wonderful! I was really impressed at the quality. 

As for my mom, she ordered something called Chile Relleno with beans and rice. I only tried the rice because I love Spanish rice. My stomach cannot tolerate beans or anything spicy, and with the name like that, I assumed it was spicy. If I was wrong, sorry! She enjoyed it, though, and that was what mattered.

Before we left, my mom went to the bathroom. When she came back, she asked me if I would like to check it out and maybe take a picture as well -- she knew I had a habit of taking pictures of everything, but I don't think she realizes that I blog, lol. So, because I want you all to get the full experience, off I went to the bathroom, even though I didn't need to. Well, it was as rustic as the rest of the place -- very nice.

Overall, I was very impressed with this restaurant from the decor down to the presentation of the food. I would definitely love to come back. Although half the time the servers didn't hear our requests, I still thought everything was great. If you love Mexican food, I'd definitely suggest this restaurant.

La Cocina Bar and Grill
32459 Temecula Parkway, d103
Temecula, CA 92592

What's your favorite Mexican dish?

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

BEAUTY | First Impression: Korres Lip Butter

I've heard American YouTubers talk about this product, so when I saw that it contained natural ingredients, I jumped at the chance to purchase it. I had to drive half an hour to go to a standalone Sephora to get this, but it was totally worth it.

I didn't get his name, but the Sephora associate that helped me was so lovely (and cute!). We talked about lips -- lip mask, lip oil, lip butter, lip balms. He was so helpful and didn't have that judgmental look on his face when I told him that I would not want to purchase anything with glycols, mineral oil, parabens, etc. 

Anyway, I was expecting to pay $20 for this lip butter, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was only $12. Okay, yes, that is still a bit much for a lip butter considering you could buy lip balms for as low as a dollar at the drugstore, but my lips need some rescuing, people! It's winter after all. I also figured that when the time comes that a man finds his way to me, my lips better be ready for some action!

So, on to my first impression. It felt great on my finger when I tried it on at the store. The consistency is quite thin so I have to really get a good amount of product to put on my lips. But on the second day when the "new product" layer is gone, it's easier to apply the product from my finger to my lips. I was expecting a thicker, buttery consistency, but I do like how hydrating it is. 

The lasting power is pretty good as well. I leave the pot at home as I have other lip balms in my bag, but when I do use it, say on a weekend, the hydration lasts pretty long.

I got mine in the flavor Jasmine because I wanted it sheer. It has a very light scent that's barely noticeable. I quite love the packaging as well; this is my first balm/butter that came in something other than a tube. I'm really excited to keep using this. If I love it, then you'd definitely be seeing it in my February favorites. 

Have you tried Korres Lip Butter?

Monday, February 1, 2016

LIFE | Reacting to Old Myspace Photos

It's time to reminisce with embarrassing photos! This is actually part two of the series, but I didn't write a blog post on the first one, only posted a video. Let's take a stroll down memory lane, shall we?

Top: From left to right
1. I thought I was being cute. Obviously not. Someone did my hair and makeup for a party. I hate parties, but I went to one in this picture. It was a disaster.
2. Same day, and I might have been trying to look sexy. Absolutely failed. 
3. One of the hobbies when I was a teenager was to go to the mall, try on clothes, and take photos. This was one of those photos. I did not buy that dress, thankfully.
4. I have no fashion sense, and this photo was proof. Look at all those patterns!!!
5. One of the good photos I ever took. I liked my hair parted on one side. It seemed I also applied my eyeliner quite heavily. I'm thankful that I grew out of that.

Bottom: From left to right
6. I think this was right after I got a haircut, or a few days after. I was trying to copy Ashlee Simpson's hair. I really did like it in this photo.
7. I seem to have been really happy to be next to Elvis.
8. This was taken in Chinatown in Los Angeles. That bright ring was a purity ring because at the time, the Jonas Brothers were really popular and I wanted to follow the trend.
9. This is my favorite hat to this day. As for my face, I have no words.
10. I was a big Hilary Duff fan, as you can clearly see from that big cheese on my face.

BONUS PHOTO. Joe Jonas was my twin.

Which embarrassing photo was your favorite?