Food: Churchill's Pub & Grille

You all know I love everything British, right? Well, there was a "british" pub called Churchill's Pub and Grille in the next city over and they were known for their amazing wings. They even had weekly Wing Wednesdays in which you could get their wings for a really inexpensive price.

My favorite was the buffalo sauce of course. They had different sauces, but I'd always gone back to the classic. Their spiciest sauce was called Ivan's Revenge if you were curious.

Honestly, look at them. I may or may not be salivating as I typed this. Other items I've tried were the mashed potatoes (pictured above) and something called English nachos during another visit. 

The mashed potatoes were a bit dry. I wanted some gravy on it, but it didn't come with it. The English nachos were basically chips or crisps with bacon, scallions, melted cheese, and sour cream. It was definitely loaded.

Did I mention they had so many spirits to choose from? I personally only come for the wings since I didn't drink.

If you love buffalo wings and you happen to be in the San Diego area, make sure to stop by!

Churchill's Pub and Grille
887 W San Marcos Blvd
San Marcos, CA 92069


Beauty Battle: Dove Deodorant

Hello everybody! Today, I have a beauty battle: the battle of deodorants! (go on, get your giggles out.) Right, let's get on with it shall we?

Now, if you're naive like me, you'd think that these two products are the same exact thing. I mean, they're from the same brand, so they must work pretty much the same, right? WRONG. Check out the breakdown I've created below.

  • It smells good.
  • The packaging is sleek and beautiful.
  • It doesn't even last for 8 hours.
  • On the Dove website, it also claims that this product is clear tone. It left white residue as soon as I applied it. On the bright side, this problem did eventually disappear the more that I used the product.
As far as restoring the skin's natural tone, I can't really tell if it did anything. Sorry!

  • It smells amazing!
  • The packaging is gorgeous!
  • It lasts for about 48 hours just like its claim.
  • It applies clear!
  • There are no cons!

I hope this comparison was helpful to you!

Have you used either of these products? If not, what do you use?


Life: Furious 7

Photo Credit: The Hypocritics

Hey everyone! Here's a cheeky Monday post since I didn't have anything yesterday. Let's talk Furious 7.

If I wasn't not mistaken, I've seen almost all of the Fast and Furious movies that had ever been created. I don't know if I actually watched the very first one, but hey, maybe I'd have an all-day marathon one day.

Furious 7 was the latest installment, and unfortunately, it was the last movie that we will see Paul Walker in (more on this later).

The movie started so intense and I was just all-too-excited to see Jason Statham playing the villain. I've always loved his movies and to see him represent Britain in this movie was quite the treat for me. Of course, he drove sleek and sexy cars that drove incredibly fast. Can this guy get any sexier? Did I mention he liked to blow things up? Wow.

The determination of Vin Diesel's character "Dom" to protect his family was so admirable. Through thick and thin, they were always there for each other. I really liked that.

The comedic relief of this movie was absolutely brilliant! Tyrese Gibson was one gifted actor. I was in a fit of laughter at the cinema whenever he said something.

I was a bit surprised that someone (or maybe two people) survived quite a deadly encounter during the climax of the movie. I'll let you watch the movie and figure out who I mean.

Lastly, this movie was clearly a tribute to Paul Walker's memory. Throughout all of the movies, he drove a blue Asian car. Let's just say that by the end scenes, his car became a symbol. To Paul Walker, you will always be in our hearts. RIP.

Have you seen this movie? How did you like it?