Beauty: Alba Botanica Hawaiian Moisturizer Review

12:00:00 AM Arianne 0 Comments

Sometimes it's a challenge to find the perfect marriage of affordable and great quality in a product...until I found this!

I've struggled with finding a moisturizer that would work for my skin type. A reason for this was because I couldn't afford high end moisturizers. For a long time, I used the Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream on my face. Unfortunately, it's not even an actual moisturizer. Confusion plagued me for a while when it came to that product.

Finally, I found Alba Botanica's Hawaiian collection. For me, it was still pricey ($15+ at Walmart, $19+ everywhere else), but I liked the line so much, I had high hopes for it.

I absolutely love this product! It goes well under makeup, and it truly is moisturizing. Just as I do with my facial scrub, I rub this between my fingers to warm up the product, then apply all over my face and neck. 

This is one of those products where you only need a little bit to cover your entire face. It also has quite a pleasant smell, as it seems with all the products in this collection. If you're looking for a new and all-natural moisturizer, I think this would be perfect for any skin type!

Have you tried this product, or any other products from Alba Botanica?

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