British Obsessed Series: Zoella and Thatcher Joe

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I am proud to say that I am a Sugglet!
You might be wondering what that is and how do you become one?

To become a Sugglet, all you have to do is follow one or both siblings on their social media accounts, most importantly YouTube. I am absolutely IN LOVE with them both... In the YouTube world, they're known as Zoella and Thatcher Joe... Drum roll please...

Let's start with Zoe... She's the older sibling, and the most adorable human being I've ever seen in my life! She's incredibly fashionable, bubbly, charming, and beautiful. Who wouldn't fall in love with her?! Did I mention she's a crazy talented singer? She has the most beautiful ombre hair and hairstyle in general. And her smile? Wow, if I was a guy, I'd be obsessing over her... Wait... I already am obsessed! P.S. The snapshot below is one of my desktop wallpapers :) (not creepy at all 0_o)

Let's talk about Joe? He's funny, he's charming, he doesn't take himself seriously, he hates losing against his sister, he's super sweet to his subscribers, he's kind of awkward when giving hugs, and did I mention he makes hilarious videos?!! I also recently realized that as with any guy, he doesn't like clothes very much ;) Who's complaining?

He's also very good at doing impressions, he has great hair like his sister, he can sing just as well as his sister, and he thinks of the most entertaining videos!

Put these two together and you have royalty. That's right, they're practically royalty in the UK. I kid you not, I watch the video below AT LEAST once a day... I mean, really, I can't get enough. As I am writing this, I have at least... three videos of them that I watch religiously ;)

Well, if that wasn't enough reason for you to check them out, then what is wrong with you???

Click the links below, subscribe to them, follow them on social media, obsess over them, love them... :)
Let's see how many new subscribers we can get them!

Zoella   |   Thatcher Joe
Twitter:   @Zozeebo   |   @Joe_Sugg
Facebook:   Zoella   |   Joe.S
Instagram:   zozeebo |   joe_sugg
Tumblr:   Zoella   |   Joe Sugg
Blog:   Zoella

If you want to follow them anywhere else, Joe has Vine, Snapchat, and an old travel blog. I'm sure there are other places I don't know about, so do your research and let me know :)

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  1. Such a cute post! I watch them too and they're really fun, especially when they're in a video together!

    1. I wish they make more videos together. I just love living vicariously through them being awesome siblings and all :)

  2. I love the sugg siblings! They are effortlessly beautiful and funny! This post honours them really well :)

    1. I couldn't agree more. They're just so inspiring and wonderful. I hope to meet them one day...