Beauty: Mini Target Haul

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On June 1st, I was on my way to an exciting shopping adventure when I hit a setback. Someone backed into my brand new car and I was UPSET. But no matter, I did not let it stop me from enjoying myself shopping for things that would make me happy. I didn't get many things, but I'm really excited for the ones I did get!

Eco Tools Shower Cap and Storage Case - I'm so excited to use this shower cap! It really covered all of my hair and kept it in the cap. The one I'm currently using barely protects the edges where my hair would stick out sometimes. I also love what Eco Tools stand for so I try to buy their products whenever I can :)

Sinful Colors Professional - I'm in love with this brand now. Super affordable, and the colors are so beautiful! I decided I wanted some more spring colors on my nails, so I decided to buy more. I first went to Walgreens, where the accident happened. I read on someone's blog that the polishes were $0.99. When I got there, they weren't, so I decided to just buy them from Target since I get 5% off using my Target RedCard :)

Mack's Dreamgirl Soft Foam Earplugs with Travel Case - I love these ear plugs! Aren't they the cutest ones you've ever seen?! I figured since noise is one of my triggers for mood swings, I would wear them at work so that all the noise will be completely cancelled. I don't know if it will be effective yet, but I have high hopes :)

Do you own any Eco Tools products?
Do you like Sinful Colors? Do you have a favorite color?

I just can't contain myself at the moment. I am bursting with inspiration. I also figured that with blogging, the more presence I have, the more opportunities I will get to connect with people. So, I have decided to post at least twice a week for now. I just have so many things to share that I want you all to be able to read them in a timely manner! :) I'm not quite sure about the schedule yet. I was thinking Wednesday and Sunday?

Also, there will be "bonus posts" besides the regular twice a week posts. These will be time-sensitive materials as you will see next week :) I hope you will continue to come back and leave comments so we can talk!


  1. Fun haul!! Those are such great nail polish colours for the summer.

    Also, I know that feeling of having a TON of inspiration all at once for the blog. It's so hard to keep it up regularly, isn't it?

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

    1. It will be hard to keep it up when I start to run out of ideas. But for now, I'm good to go :) I have more trouble thinking of ideas for my YouTube channel!


  2. Nice finds, I like the colors of the nail polishes you picked. And you're so cute with the shower cap on, hehe! :) I am happy to hear that you have tons of inspiration, I love when I have those moments. I find that if I set a 2-3 days a week when I post, I will be more motivated to get the posts up, so I think it's a great idea! xo