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VidCon Experience: Day 1

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VidCon was so surreal... Here's the day before and Day 1 of VidCon :)

June 24, 2014 - Tuesday was the last day I needed to finish most of my packing. I made a checklist and then I remembered I probably should also create little cards to give away to people I meet. Overall, I gave two cards away haha!

June 25, 2014 - Wednesday was my mom's birthday as I've mentioned in my VidCon haul. I texted her in the morning and I worked for 8 hours. After work, I went straight to Anaheim to check into the hotel that my friend booked for us.

After we checked in, I had a little bit of snack and then we went to the convention center to register. I was already quite excited!

June 26, 2014 - VidCon Day 1!!

I got up at 6am to get ready. I was excited but also anxious because I didn't know what to expect. We went down for a free hotel breakfast, then made our way to the convention.

We walked around, met a fellow viewer, visited different booths, etc. It was fun to experience it before the craziness happened.

We went to the expo hall to find Tyler Oakley's merch. We got free nail polish from Julep before we finally found the Merch Alley. We stood in line to get a poster that cost $25! I thought it was overpriced but I bought it anyway. Unfortunately, I didn't get any signatures on them. I did tweet the picture to Tyler and he favorited it :)

After we got my poster, we found a long line for signings. We didn't know that the line was forming, so we quickly got in line. Unfortunately, the line was cut even before we had the chance to enter. Let's just say the first day was unorganized and quite stressful. I had to battle with myself to make sure that I didn't have an anxiety attack while hearing all the screams. I was wishing I was in queue for the YouTube boyband and the fact that I wasn't made me very anxious. Thankfully, I got over it quickly :)

We also met someone! Her name was Madison and what a sweet lady! We were waiting in line because my friend wanted a Caricature for free. We ended up leaving because we thought we still had a chance to get in line for the signings.

We tried to meet Michelle Phan at the Em Cosmetics booth but she was surrounded so we just decided to move on. We tried to get into the arena but somehow ended up in the Awesomeness TV stage and watched sound checks instead. We just took selfies and the rest are videos. On our way to look for the arena, we ran into no other than the YouTube boyband! Oh my goodness! I got next to Joe, but as an amateur, I failed at taking a picture. That in itself was nerve wracking. They were such gorgeous men!

We made it to the mainstage but decided not to stay. We walked around some more and then finally decided to just go back to the hotel. I was completely bummed and stressed out because I didn't feel like we accomplished any of the things I wanted to do. Try again tomorrow!

Up Next: My blog post and video for VidCon Day 2 will go up on Wednesday, July 2. Come back and find out how I was able to meet Zoe, Joe, Caspar, and Michael Buckley!