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VidCon Experience: Day 2

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Dear Self, get the heck out of bed!

June 27, 2014 - EPIC DAY
My alarm went off at 5am. As usual, I check all my social media, including email. As soon as I saw the VidCon name, I opened the email and saw the message I've pasted above. I quickly showered and got ready. By 6am, me and my friend were standing in line for Zoe's queue. I was so happy I was close to the front. Given that I made today as "ZOE: TOP PRIORITY", I felt quite accomplished that I was in the first queue :) I waited for a total of 4 hrs for her. It was completely worth it!

After I met Zoe, I chilled for a little bit at the Penguin Lounge to charge my phone. Then, around 11:30am, I asked my friend if we can go ahead and find a line for Joe and Caspar's queue. We found it, but we were told the queue was already closed :(

Being the fan that I am, I waited anyway and managed to meet someone. We talked for a while while my friend lined up and met her favorite YouTuber: Prank vs Prank. After she met them, she went ahead and lined up in Alfie's queue. She called me so I went to her, thinking if I can't meet Joe and Caspar, Alfie is my second priority. When I got there, I was still a bit blue that I wouldn't be able to meet Joe and Caspar. As a solution, I decided to go to the bathroom.

I promise, I'm going somewhere with this.

After the bathroom, I casually strode over to booth #15, Joe and Caspar's queue. There was a security crew there, but he only nodded at me. I WAS IN!! I couldn't believe it. I sneakily called my friend to tell her the news. Then, I remembered the girl I was talking to and how she really wanted to meet Joe and Caspar as well. I asked my friend if she could sneak them in. Success! My friend went off to get her free caricature while me and my new friends did a little silent celebration.

I'd say half an hour later, I realized there was one more girl! She kept looking at me when I was chatting with the other while we were outside the queues. What do you know, we were able to sneak her in as well! We all just had such big smiles on our faces.

In total, we waited for 5 hours in Joe and Caspar's queue. It got really claustrophobic for a while, but we stood our ground and stayed strong. When it finally came time to meet them, I was nervous! I wished I could have said something, but with these things, my mind blanks out and I couldn't think of anything clever to say. What I would never forget is Joe's arms wide open to take me in and asking me how I was. Then Caspar's towering figure and me saying "you're so tall" because I couldn't think of anything to say. Before I left, Joe looked at me again and said "it was nice to meet you :)" Well... can you imagine how ecstatic I was? OMG.

On our way to the parking lot, I was looking around and saw a small crowd. I looked and I realized it was Michael Buckley! I've always wanted to meet him! So, I went ahead and stood behind some people until it was my turn. Such an awesome person :)

We came back to the hotel more than satisfied with the day we've had. It was absolutely the best day of VidCon! To celebrate, we went and bought chinese food and frozen yogurt!



  1. Lovely post! I'm sooo jealous! Would love to meet Zoe! Glad you had a good day:)
    Millie xoxo ||

    1. maybe one day you can meet her too :)