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VidCon Experience: Day 3

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A miracle can happen if you just believe...

June 28, 2014 - It all comes to an end..
My day started with lining up for the arena. Another chance to see my favorite British youtubers? Yeah, you better believe I won't give that a pass. I just love them so much :)

The performances were incredible and would you believe that it was my first time at an arena? Seriously! I was in the floor seats area. It was pretty darn cool. It was an experience I wouldn't forget anytime soon, even though I was there by myself. I still enjoyed it knowing that most of the people around me were there for the same reason :)

When the British youtubers came out, it was one of those moments that you just don't want to end. Yes, they're normal people, but they're very creative normal people. I wish I was that creative... Maybe a little (or a lot) of practice will help me polish my creativity, too? My new goal now is to be where they are as far as their careers are. Being able to achieve as much as they have would make me very happy. 

This photo isn't mine. I just love how the photographer captured this moment when Joe was about to give his speech.

After the arena, I found Tanya Burr's signing line. While there, I saw a tweet from another youtuber saying she's having a little meetup at the Seventeen Magazine booth. I really wanted to meet her. Since I made a friend in the line, I asked if she could hold my spot while I meet another for 15 minutes. Thankfully, the girl agreed and I was able to meet ThatsHeart! She was so cute! Her hair was so voluminous, maybe that's why I was hiding behind it? o_O

Back to Tanya Burr; there were tweets saying that the line had been closed since 3am! Seriously, why would people lie like that? That's not cool at all! I'm glad I still pushed on and stood in line. In the end, I got to meet and hug her :) 

At first I was kind of surprised at how she was. It didn't feel quite as welcoming as I expected. Then I realized, that's how she is naturally and I shouldn't judge her for being herself. She may be a bit awkward, but that's what makes her normal. I love her :D

So that's my VidCon experience. I hope you've enjoyed my recap. Wish you could have been there with me! Maybe next year :)



  1. Totally just creeped on all of your vidcon posts... So cool! I would LOVE to be able to go to Vid Con... one day. hahah. I'm totally jealous you got to meet Michael Buckley. He's so great!


    1. haha that's awesome... I'm totally okay with that kind of creeping lol. Michael Buckley was sweet and just gorgeous haha :)