Beauty: Buying Products I Don't Need

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Today I am taking a little break from my weekly music favorite to have a little chat about a trend that we all know exist in the blogging world: buying things we don't need. I get it, I get inspired to buy more and more things nowadays because I get so excited to review them on my blog. I also think farther down the line when a PR company will look at my blog and consider me for a sample. Blogging has a lot of nice incentives, but...

What do we do with all the products we buy? There's not enough space on our face to put all the products we own. Packing on all the cosmetics will only make our pores clogged and then we'd end up being unhappy with the person looking back at us in the mirror.

It might be useful to know, I don't have a big collection. I want so try so many different cosmetics and skincare out there, but first, I don't have the money, and second, I can't use them all up in time before they expire. A tube or bottle of foundation lasts me almost a year, if not more. I own two BB creams and one foundation plus a bunch of samples. That in itself is a lot and I feel bad buying any more.

I guess what I'm saying is, I feel it's a bit wasteful... okay, a lot wasteful. So many people end up throwing half of their "collection" because they just end up gathering dust and expiring. Maybe it's just me being a penny pincher (is that what it's called?), but the money we used to buy the products we use a few times and throw away could feed at least one child in a starving country. Am I taking this too far? Does this make me a bad blogger? 

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  1. I don't think you're in the wrong at all! I also try to limit the items I buy as I know I won't use them all, but sometimes it is quite hard not to get tempted when you see new product releases. I also don't think there's any point in throwing it away :) xx

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    1. I do get tempted but I'm quite good at resisting. I see my housemate buy without any reservations and she's not even a blogger! It makes me cringe sometimes because that's a lot of money because she only buys high end products. And she doesn't even wear a lot of makeup nor does she wear them every day. So yeah, I feel bad about the neglected makeup and the money that was spent on them. I could buy lots of food with that money! haha...

      As for throwing products away, I don't throw them either, but we're supposed to because they don't last forever. They supposedly go bad within months or a year depending on if it's a face, eye, or lip products.

  2. I totally get you on this! I never understood how beauty bloggers/vloggers could have such a big collection! I don't buy a new product until my old one has run out so I never have more than one foundation, moisturizer etc. I'm really picky about prices too, I want a bargain and value for my money! :)

    1. YES! Bargains are my faves :) I mean, I like high end products more nowadays, but I don't just go and buy a few things that I just want. I think to myself and ask if I really need it right now. It's a different thing though when b/vloggers are sent the products.

      Also, it's kind of satisfying to finish a product in its entirety :)