Beauty: NARS Sheer Glow Foundation Review

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I got a couple samples of this foundation in two shades: Santa Fe and Punjab. I've tried it now for more than five times. I really wanted to love this foundation because it looks amazing on so many people I watch on YouTube. This review will be in story format.

The first two tries...
This foundation had the best formula when it came to gliding on my face. It was effortless and very lightweight. The coverage was decent and my face ended up with a healthy glow. I was really happy, especially when my coworker said I was glowing.

The next two tries...
The third and fourth try, I saw something different. I wore the foundation with the same primer I used the first two times. I've seen in reviews that it was build-able so I wanted to see what it would look like. Weirdly enough, my face was slick with oil, it was cake-y, and my chin looked really weird. It almost looked like my face was ice cream and it was melting in the hot summer days. Needless to say, I was unhappy.

So I kept trying...
I kept trying the foundation samples and doing different things like not using a primer one day, or applying a really thin layer (I like to dot the foundation on my face), or even putting the foundation on the back of my hand and dabbing the brush before dabbing it onto my face. Well, since I knew I wanted to take photos for this review, I last powdered my face at 10am the day I was writing this post. I let the foundation do what it would for the rest of the day.

As you can see, my face was slicked. When I would accidentally touch my face, it felt like touching a stick of butter. I don't know if you can see in the photos, but the coverage was very minimal at this point. 

I really want this foundation to work for me. If you have any tips that I might be missing in my routine, PLEASE leave them in the comments below. I also plan on trying this foundation again in the winter months. I'm thinking maybe it's just not meant for me during the summer. If that's the case, I'd be happy.



  1. It's so disappointing that the Sheer Glow doesn't work for you, we've been dying to try it!! Hopefully it can be your winter foundation though!

    xoxo Precious Wonders

  2. This was so honest and nice.Thanks for sharing!:)
    Really love your blog,dear!
    Keep in touch xoxo
    Antonella :)

  3. Such a shame it didn't work for you! I haven't tried it personally but I've heard so many great things

    Shannon Rebecca | Blogger & YouTuber <3

    1. me too that's why I'm trying so hard to make it work for me. It looks amazing on other people, so I'm just lost why it won't work on me haha

  4. Hiya lovely, thanks for stopping by my blog :) & a massive thank you for sharing this's nice to read an honest one for once. I've always been skeptical about this foundation and unsure whether to cave into the hype so reviews like this really do help! Thanks for sharing lovely!

    Sharna xo