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Music: Friday Favorite (3)

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Amnesia by 5 Seconds of Summer

I've played this song so many times, I've lost count. It's this week's theme song. I don't relate to it firsthand, but I do love the lyrics and the message. I'm a sucker for meaningful lyrics :)

When I first heard it, I just couldn't get enough. At first I thought it was One Direction. I've heard of 5SOS but didn't really know about their music nor if I liked them. After listening to this song on repeat, I'm obsessed... Granted, I only like this song, but I think that still counts, right?

I've seen their live performances of this song. I'm not a big fan. I wish they were a bit more serious about the song and refrained from making commentary while they're playing the song. Besides that, the song is brilliant :)

Have you heard this song?



  1. waaaa :D I love 5sos :)
    nice pick ;)


  2. I love that song!!! It is so good<3

    Good luck with your blog xx