Music: Friday Favorite (4)

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Crush by David Archuleta

This week was very mentally challenging. As a result, I was constantly switching between three radio stations on Pandora. One of them was Jojo Radio. It was nice to hear throwback songs that I loved and discover old songs that I now love as well.

The one that stuck with me was Crush by David Archuleta. I found that I love his whole album. The lyrics and the melody was beautiful; it was exactly what I look for in music. All the talk about love makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, which was something I needed to keep me grounded and sane this week. 

Am I crazy or falling in love?
Is this real or just another crush?

What's your favorite David Archuleta song? 


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  1. I love "Crush!" I always play it when I'm getting ready in the morning :)