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As with most women, PMS comes and goes. For someone like me, it feels like it's a constant occurrence. My anxiety always makes me feel down and uninterested in life. Well, that's where comfort food comes in!

I recently discovered comfort food. I didn't use to have any. However, now I understand what people mean when they say they "eat their feelings". I mean, seriously, who can say no to the sinful goodness pictured above?

Mac and Cheese - I prefer them baked where the cheese is crusted on top. Thankfully, I have a favorite local spot that I can go to when I feel the need to really get some comfort. This is my last resort.

Chocolate - I'm pretty sure 98% of people loves chocolate - even the health freaks ;) The only ones that may not like chocolates are the ones allergic to them. I mean, chocolate can fix anything.

Sushi - This is one of the most accessible comfort food in the city I live in. Literally, everywhere you look, there seems to be a sushi restaurant. Hence, most of the restaurants have the sushi rolls for 50% off! One thing I love more than sushi is a good deal :) My favorite is the dragon roll. However, if you eat with me, you'll find that I will order anything but the dragon roll because I like to continue trying new rolls to see if I can find more that I like. Other favorites include Caterpillar, California, and Crunchy. (Hit the "like it" button if you noticed those all start with a C)

Gelato/Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt
- Any frozen dessert will do, whether it is full-on dairy or dairy free. I love them all. I prefer the usual flavors like vanilla and cookies and cream if I'm buying them for future consumption. If I get the treat outside for one-time consumption, I like to try new things like Sweet Cream from ColdStone. I've never been to ColdStone until this past weekend, and I decided to go for the ice cream that looked like snow.

Fun Fact: No matter how much I love sweets, I cannot consume them in big portions.

Let me know in the comments what YOUR favorite comfort foods are :)

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  1. you made my mouth water so bad with all that yummy stuff :D xx