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Life: Two Days In My Life

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I was so excited to write this post! When I thought of the idea, I just couldn't wait to create it.. I hope you enjoy!

Day 1 - Left Column
I decided to curl my hair and take lots of selfie -  as one does in the morning. The one in the middle was my favorite. On the top left was what the sky looked like when I was on my way to physical therapy at 8am. Long story short, I got my appointment times mixed up. My appointment was actually at 4:30pm. The second photo on the left was when I arrived around 4pm and of course, bathroom selfie!

The day didn't start out well when I realized I was confused, I forgot my earphones at home, and I was just clumsy. Thankfully, my day turned around and I was able to stay positive. To end the night, I did my nighttime routine (video in the sidebar) before watching the third installment of the Harry Potter movies. (Fun fact: I've never seen the movies nor read the books, so I'm playing catch up on the movies).

Day 2 - Right Column
I had a follow up appointment at the same clinic to check how I'm doing with my physical therapy. Yep, you guessed it, that's a car selfie. I was sitting at a red light and thought, "oh yes, time for a selfie!" I mean, everyone does that right? *crickets* Oh... Well...

Anyway, the check up went well and the beautiful shot of the road and the sky on the bottom right was my view on my way to work. I love taking the back roads because of the scenic view I'm treated with every time. 

There you have it! That was the past two days in a nutshell. I hope you enjoyed this post!
Leave me a comment below if you'd like me to do more of these :)

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  1. Harry Potter marathon, sounds fun! Yes these are interesting :) xx

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  2. Definitely do more of these, I loved reading about your days! I like that you didn't let those small things ruin your whole day, and you NEED to watch all the Harry Potter movies, they're amazing. :)

    In response to your comment on my blog: I didn't dye my hair or anything, the lighting was just really weird that day :)