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Hi everyone! It's been quite an interesting week. I'm sorry I missed Friday's post. I also originally had a post planned for today, but was not able to get the photos taken. Instead, I wanted to do a little bit of reflection in today's post - I hope you don't mind. (if you do, then you don't have to continue reading)

This entire week I put in as much effort as I could to make it a "good" week. I've learned to cherish each day and each week that I deemed "good" because lately, there had been more days when I struggled more than I triumphed. Most of the time, I felt inadequate - "I'm not good enough. I'm a fraud." I'm sure all of us had felt this once in a while. In my case, it's a constant feeling. I have two people in my life who cut me some slack; they even tell me the good things I never heard while I was growing up.

"You're beautiful, I don't understand why you don't see that. You're a good person. You really are; I'm not just saying that."

"You have quirky things that you need to work on, but that doesn't make you abnormal."

One day this past week, I heard the song "Greatest Love of All" by Whitney Houston. I've always loved this song. I sang along in my car while driving to work, and towards the end, I got a little bit choked up. Now, that's a normal occurrence for me. However, the song got me thinking:

I need to learn to love myself. I need to stop criticizing myself the way people used to criticize me. I need to look at myself in the mirror and be able to look at myself in the eyes and appreciate the person staring back at me. 

I'm slowly learning this starting with loving myself without makeup on. My skin isn't as bad as I think it is. Sure, I have imperfections, but who doesn't? All I need is to smile and my face lights up and I feel beautiful. I just forget it most of the time.

So if you are still reading, I challenge you to look at yourself in the mirror today and smile at yourself. Then, I want you to mentally say to yourself: "You're beautiful and you're good enough." Sometimes this could be the most difficult task, but keep on trying. I'm not just saying this to all of you, but mostly, I'm telling myself to never give up. Sometimes I just need to be reminded, and one day, I will look back and read this post. I may or may not cry, but I will remember that I wrote this to remind myself that I'm good enough. Anyone who doesn't agree...well, they need to go get a big plate of mac and cheese because clearly, they're struggling with something, too.

Love yourself and be strong.


P.S. If you are struggling at the moment, here's a picture of a Mac and Cheese. I hope it cheers you up a little :)

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  1. Love this post! I'm definitely going to try this <3

    1. Let me know how it works out for you! :)

  2. This is a really amazing post! And your design... Oh my god, it's beautiful!! :3 :)

    1. thank you very much, Teri! I love the design so much, too! And I'm glad you liked the post :)

  3. This is a great post, you should love yourself because you're amazing :) xx

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