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Beauty: Empties - Body Care

1:22:00 PM Arianne 2 Comments

So many empty products!!! I thought I'd share with you products that I finished :)

Body Lotion
I used to like Bath and Body works until I started only using paraben-free products. Now I'm just trying to use up all my B&BW lotions. I've already finished Cherry Blossom and Moonlight Path.

Hand Soaps
I LOVE hand soaps. It's one of my necessary luxuries. I love the B&BW hand soaps whether they are deep cleansing or foaming. I've finished Aloha Orchid (my fave), Japanese Cherry Blossom, and Apple Blossoms. I've also finished a more affordable alternative which are Dial in Cherry Blossom and Almond and Aloe.

Body Wash/Shower Gel
I really enjoy the Suave Naturals body washes. My fave is the Creamy Almond & Verbena, and I've also finished Wild Cherry Blossom and Sweet Pea and Violet. I've also finished a bottle of the B&BW Japanese Cherry Blossom shower gel, as well as The Body Shop's travel size of the same scent. I didn't quite like the mini size because it didn't really have the smell I was expecting. They said maybe because it was old - I got it from Marshall's.

Feminine Wash
TMI!! I just use the generic brands... Do you use feminine washes?

I've finished the Organix Cherry Blossom Ginseng Shampoo, but I still have some conditioner left. Am I the only that always ends up with a lot more conditioner and finishes the shampoo first?? I've also finished the Suave Professionals with Macadamia Oil and White Orchid. It smells like Hilary Duff's fragrance, and that's why I bought it. I didn't quite finish the bottles because I found it just leaves me with dandruff. Not cool.

I hope you enjoy this post! Let me know what products you've been absolutely loving!



  1. Fabulous blog! Funny enough, I actually use dish soap in the shower! Silly me:)


    1. hmm is there a specific reason why you do that, or you just didn't realize it was hand soap and not shower gel? ;)