Beauty: More Halloween Practice Looks

12:00:00 AM Arianne 2 Comments

I completely lost track of the day, so I'm sorry this is a combination of Wednesday and Friday's post. I have been seeing a lot of Halloween makeup looks, and there have been times when I was bored or just needed to do something that pleased me, so I did a couple more practice runs :)

I thought I would try a corpse bride makeup, but when I found a photo I liked, I wasn't sure if it was that of a corpse bride. However, I did like the sickly pallor that I luckily achieved. I love the cracks/veins on the face as well. I needed a much blacker eye shadow, but I didn't have any that was vibrant enough, but I still like the result. Obviously, I need more practice to achieve the look below. I'm hopeful ;)

The second one is supposed to be a vampire look. Marcus Butler actually posted a video tutorial, so I thought "why not?" Clearly, I do not have the fangs or contact lenses so I just look sick, haha. The bottom right photo was my frustrated growl face because I couldn't find a good angle for the selfie...

Let me know which is your favorite look.
Also, what are you going to be for Halloween?



  1. That's totally amazing! I really love this look, great post!! :3

  2. I like the one one, I like the purple underneath the eye :) xx

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