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This post is an entry to French Connection's $300 giveaway. If you'd like to enter, just visit and share your favorite fall outfit in a blog post. Once you've done that, email them at with a link to your post and WHY you chose the outfit(s). Keep on reading to see my picks!

For my picks, I decided to choose depending on the purpose of the outfit. I've chosen workwear, coats, and dresses. As you will notice, I've also gone for a black, white, and pink theme.


Wilderness Check Dress - I love the pattern of this dress. With my current insecurities, I think this will definitely be perfect for hiding them.

Manhattan Winter Striped Dress - I have a similar dress to this but in a different color from H&M. I like stripes in general, so this would be perfect.

Anastasia Crepe Collared Top - This is something I've never worn before, so I want to give it a try. It looks edgy and comfortable.

Whisper Ruth Cap Sleeved Dress - This is the basic little black dress. I've been loving the style of a slight flare at the bottom lately because it's really comfortable, but it still looks classy.


Polar Teddy Collarless Coat - This literally looks like a fashionable blanket. It also helps that it's in light pink. I. WANT. IT.

Morano Jewel Coat - I like the details in this coat. It would be a nice change from my usual style of solid and plain coats.

Platform Felt Faux Fur Collar Coat - Something about this coat looks feminine and powerful at the same time. I love the simplicity as well.


Angelfire Sparkle Dress - I think this dress would be good for accentuating the waist. I also like the simple detail of sparkle.

Scubalicious Halter Fitted Dress - Something about halter dresses make me think of feminine but strong women.

Bambino Knitted Jumper Dress - This is another waist-accentuating dress I think. I also love stripes.

French Frou Frou Dress - This is the cutest dress I've ever seen and it's pink! It's girly to the very last thread! I. NEED. IT.

I hope this post gave you a little bit of an idea into my personal style.
*Photos courtesy of the French Connection website.

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  1. i really want all of them! gorgeous xx

    1. Right? I want them too, but when you see the price tag, it might change your mind... haha :D The $300 prize would probably get you one item...