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Life: Mockingjay Part 1

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I was so excited for this movie, and I'm not gonna lie, I started getting all choked up as soon as the movie started. After that, I was in tears for basically half the movie. I think that's a good sign that this movie is definitely worth seeing again!

One of my favorite scenes is when Katniss was speaking to Finnick after they were attacked.

"It is ten times harder to put yourself back together than to fall apart."

When I heard Finnick say it, I was subtly nodding to myself, knowing that I live by the exact same saying. I've proven it to be true.

I loved the passion in Katniss's voice whenever they were filming her in the field. Haymitch's words during a meeting also moved me. He knew Katniss as much as Effie knew Katniss. Speaking of Effie, she was just hilarious! I loved that she was the comedic relief and she kept up her charm even as a refugee. I'll let you watch the movie and find out what I mean by that ;)

This movie was very serious, but it was also funny. The absurdity of the scenes were such a good break because everything else was so emotional.

"If we burn, you burn with us!"

I absolutely recommend watching this movie. You'd be missing out if you don't.



  1. I watched it last week too and loved it! My favourite part was when she went back to district 12 and did the interview :) xx

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    1. I want to see it again! In fact, I already told another friend that we need to go see it together. I will watch it as many times as I can find someone to watch it with :)

  2. I'm so excited to see this movie!

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  3. I am with you all the way, Arianne!!! LOVED this movie!!! Also, yes, Effie being the comic relief was not what I was expecting but it worked:) :)

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  4. So good to hear you like the film. I'm dying to see it but haven't managed to go to cinema yet. Need to do it soon! x

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