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Hey everyone! It seems I've been nominated for a Liebster Award again. These things always make me a bit giddy. This time, this lovely nomination was from Sarah from Diary of a Beauty Padawan. Since I've already posted about this award before (you can read it here), I thought I would just answer Sarah's questions because they seemed quite interesting. 

1. Which do you think may come first: flying cars or teleportation?
I think flying cars.. If I'm not mistaken, I may or may not have heard on the radio that someone is already trying to make it work? Technically, planes are flying cars aren't they?

2. You get to be any monarch of any nation from any point in time, be it the 12th century or the 21st, for a week. Who are you, and why?
I would like to be the Queen of England for a week. During my reign, I will have all my favorite YouTubers hanging out with me at the palace, possibly collaborating on some good content :)

3. What are your thoughts on the new Pantone Colour of the Year?
I had to Google this.. it looks like it's Marsala? Uhm.. I'm not sure I like it... It's alright for lipstick, but pieces of clothing? I'll have to see my favorite style icons wear it before I can decide.

4. Are you an Apple or an Android person?
Now that I have an iPhone and a Macbook, totally Apple :)

5. What's your favourite lip product?
Any Rimmel product it seems :) 

6. Have you ever watched Power Rangers?
I remember watching them, but I don't remember being crazy about them.

7. Favourite flavour of ice cream! -- Or, if you don't like ice cream, your favourite dessert!
I like vanilla or cookies and cream. I don't like really sweet ice cream so anything light is good. I usually just go with vanilla coz it has the least calories when I only have a few choices. Sometimes I skip it completely and go for sorbet if it's in the menu.

8. If you were a character from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, which one do you think you'd be?
I'm pretty sure that was a movie, right? Or a book? Either way, I never watched or read it. So, I'm not quite sure how to answer this.

9. Are you a cat person or a dog person?
I love huskies, but I'm more of a stuffed animal person. I don't like real animals to be near me...

10. Have you ever been overseas?
I immigrated to the United States. Does that count? 

11. If you could live in any country, where would you live and why?
England, simply because I love the architecture and it seems people are happy there. A more complicated answer would be because I want to run away from the sad memories in America.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know your answers in the comments!



  1. Love these posts because you always learn more about fellow bloggers! I love your answer of being queen of England and having all the youtube vloggers over! :)

    Chowing Down by the Bay | Win a French cookbook for the holidays!

    1. aww, thanks for stopping by! I really enjoyed the questions in this one :)

  2. I love posts like this as you get to know a little more about the blogger. I love your blog design. I can't wait for flying cars, I imagine traffic jams would not exist