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Hallo! I have been nominated for this award by two lovely ladies: Velvet Blush and Lorilee. Make sure to visit both of their blogs when you're done browsing my blog :)

What I love about these awards, this one specifically, is that the people who gave them to me are from people in international countries. VB is from the UK and Lorilee is from Montreal, Canada. This is one of the reasons I love blogging - connecting with people all over the world!

Alright, so what's this award all about? I googled it and actually found an entire site for it, so I just took a screenshot of the true description of this award.

If you don't already know, I'm quite the rebel, so I'm only nominating one blogger today. However, instead of just naming the blogger, I decided to provide a reason for my nomination.

Eleanor from Elesaurus - first of all, she's the one responsible for creating the code for my blog design and hopefully for future designs as well. Besides that, her photos are always interesting and her topics are not the commercial mainstream that gets pretty boring after a while. She keeps it fresh :)

And here's the 7 facts about me:
  1. I am easily addicted to things or icons - give me chocolate consistently and the next thing you know, I'm a chocolate maniac. Give me One Direction and the next thing you know, I'm sacrificing sleep in exchange for watching funny videos of them on YouTube
  2. I've memorized One Directions's song "Night Changes." My car's radio stopped working for a while and so I had to sing to myself. "Night Changes" was the song I liked to sing. At the time, I only knew Zayn, Liam, and Harry's part. Now I know everyone's lyrics :)
  3. I still love the color pink, but not as intense as before.
  4. I am in love with Apple products at the moment.
  5. As easily as I can get addicted to something, I can as easily tire of a lot of things.
  6. I used to wear a lot of high heels. Now all I wear is my well-loved walking shoes.
  7. I really want to learn how to take photographs better.

I hope you enjoyed this post! 'Til next time!


  1. I love these posts, since you learn more about fellow bloggers! I agree on the note of learning to take better photographs! I might want to get a new "real" camera this year that's not my iphone hahah. Also I am so bad at wearing heels lol.

    Chowing Down by the Bay

    1. but you're amazing even with just an iPhone!! I want to wear more heels but I don't want the discomfort haha

  2. Nawr, thankyou Ayre. You make my blog sound way better than it is but I'm glad you like photography. I always worry that it's sub-par.

    Elesaurus | elesaurusrawr.blogspot.com
    Youtube - Eleanor Rose

    1. I think it's good, especially since your mom probably taught u some of tricks when taking photos :) I really want to learn!