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Food: Peony Chinese Cuisine

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Last Saturday, I went to visit my friend and we saw the Mockingjay Part 1 movie. It was my second time watching it. To be fair, I didn't cry for half the movie like I did the first time. I think that's a bit of an accomplishment for me ;)

After the movie, we went for dinner at this Chinese restaurant called Peony. First of all, I love that they were named after such a beautiful flower. The place wasn't crowded - in part because they changed location and their customers probably didn't know where they moved. The inside also looked really bright and modern. I liked it.

When I took the photos, it was kind of an afterthought, so I didn't get to photograph the actual restaurant. I did however, snapped my foods. As always, I got an egg drop soup. It's a tradition for me whenever I go to a Chinese restaurant. Their soup had some vegetables and even chicken. I personally prefer the original recipe, but this one was good, too.

Then, I got the Chicken Chow Mein for my main course. It looks amazing, doesn't it? The chow mein had a little bit too much salt or soy sauce because it was a bit salty. I didn't mind it as much though. I ate the chicken and rice together, and the noodles by itself. I was only able to eat a quarter of the meal until I was full.

Finally, as per Chinese tradition in America, we got our fortune cookies. I know it's a bunch of bull, but sometimes it's a bit creepy when the message is spot on. This time around, I hoped that it would come true...

If you're ever in the Temecula area and would like to visit this place, let them know you've found them from this blog :)

29742 Rancho California Road, Temecula, CA 92591
(951) 695-1878

What did you do last weekend? :)