Life/Food: A Day Out With Friends, Part 1

12:00:00 AM Arianne 5 Comments

On Sunday, my friend and his sister came down to visit. They really wanted to eat at Yellow Deli and just hang out for a bit. I wouldn't be posting their photos here, but I thought I'd share the first part of our day. I hope you enjoy!

I've always loved going to Yellow Deli because not only did they have amazing food made in-house, but the atmosphere was also very calming and peaceful. It always looked very cozy and warm, as you can hopefully see in the photos above. The wait was quite long, but with good company, we barely noticed. Now, feast your eyes on the amazing food. My friend got a bowl of chili that came with a slice of jalapeno bread; his sister got salad and a side of chips; and I got Spinwich :) One word: YUM.

Needless to say, we enjoyed our lunch :) If you are in the San Diego area, I would highly recommend visiting Yellow Deli and experience the serenity of the place.

315 E Broadway
Vista, CA 92084


32011 Lilac Rd
Valley Center, CA 92082

I hope you liked today's post! Check back this Friday for the second half of our adventure :)


  1. Hey babe, how are you?
    Lovely blog, great post though, following you..
    I've only just started blogging.
    Visit me whenever you have time;

    Anyway have a good day!
    Kisses xXx

  2. The food looks delicious and I love how it's decorated!

    Corinne x

    1. I certainly enjoyed my sandwich :)

  3. ooh this looks lovely! I love cosy little places like this, and the food looks proper good too :) x

    1. oh my gosh, the place has such a peaceful ambience! The owners have an unusual religion, but who cares? the place oozes of positivity and love, not to mention the food is just the best!