Life: Sam Smith Music

12:00:00 AM Arianne 5 Comments

Still on the British obsession wagon, I've turned my attention to Sam Smith. I recently purchased his album In The Lonely Hour since it was only $6.99 (Check iTunes to see if it still is).

His music was so heartfelt and touching. I'd been really loving Lay Me Down that I even tried to learn the words and the melody. The lyrics of his album were very relatable and quite deep ;)

I've also seen a few of his performances live and he was truly a phenomenal singer. If you haven't purchased his album, I really would suggest doing so, especially if it's still only $6.99. 

What's your favorite Sam Smith song?


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  2. Sam Smith is one my favorites, he so incredibly talented!
    I love Like I Can, it's my absolute favorite song of his. I never get tired of it :)


    1. I like most of the songs in the album! They're all so heartfelt!

  3. I have been loving his music lately and I feel like he is an amazing artist! :) Good choice on picking him for spotlight! :)

    Love x
    Catarina //