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Food: Pieology Pizzeria

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Have I mentioned that I love pizza? Did I also mention that I love pesto? Oh, and did I also mention I love buffalo sauce? Well, put all of these together and I had a very happy tummy :)

Pielogy creates custom artisan pizza that's handcrafted right in front of the customers. The pizza is cooked in a stone oven and you can choose from unlimited toppings! The price is actually very reasonable, and the quality is amazing!

Pieology is basically the Subway of pizzas. I'm absolutely obsessed with it and I've only been there once! The pizza above is made with half fiery buffalo sauce, and half pesto. I love the freedom of having two different sauces! The pesto is so good, and I'm quite picky with pesto because my friend makes the best one.

The fiery chicken topping is all-natural and the vegetables are all so fresh. The mozzarella cheese is such high quality and every single pizza is made in a thin crust! Oh my gosh, have I mentioned how much I love thin crust pizzas? I like the crunchiness of it :)

If you happen to be in the San Diego area and can stop by any of their locations, I would highly recommend it!

Carlsbad Location
2647 Gateway Rd #101
Carlsbad, CA 92009

San Diego Location #1
5575 Balboa Avenue
San Diego, CA 92111

San Diego Location #2
3455 Sports Arena Blvd, #110
San Diego, CA 92110


  1. I love pizza as well. I'm pretty sure I've passed by the Carlsbad location before. :]

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  2. This pizza looks absolutely delicious! I'm not the biggest fan of eating Pizza, because they usually are too cheesy and too greasy for me, but this one here looks perfectly fine. I love it when you can actually see how they prepare your food. I'm glad you liked that one.
    Also, I really don't want to be offensive, but I think your textcolour is not the beeeest decision. I find it very difficult to read it on your white background, no matter what device I am on. I know, your blog, your decision, but maybe you would consider choosing a slightly darker colour. ♥

    1. I really appreciate the feedback. Honestly, it did seem light to me when I was working on it yesterday. I've changed it to a gray two shades darker than what it was before. Is it easier to read now? Thanks again for your input!

    2. Yes, it's muuuuch easier to read now. Thank you fore changing it ♥

    3. happy to hear it! thanks so much :D