Food: Yuan Boutique Bistro and Dim Sum

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Have I mentioned I love food? Did I also mention that my comfort TV is the Food Network channel? The picture above is actually something I created. As you will read below, me and my friend ordered one appetizer and one entree and we shared. I decided that for the purpose of this blog, I would plate my food as if it was gourmet, and ta-da! I'm quite proud of how it looked. 

Keep on reading if you'd like to know more about my first-time experience with Yuan Boutique Bistro and Dim Sum - I mean, even the name was fancy! Warning: There's quite a bit of photos, more than I usually post (more than one basically, haha).

When we first entered, I saw a lounge area for people who might need to wait to be seated if the restaurant was busy. We were lucky that we were the first one to arrive, actually. Maybe because it was a Monday. Anyway, there was also a fully stocked bar. I mean, this place already looked posh. You wouldn't know just by looking at it from the outside. Although, they did have outdoor seating as well and it looked to me like a really cozy backyard (or frontyard?).

When we entered, we were welcomed with a beautiful, albeit empty, dining room. It looked like a place where affluent people would dine. We certainly felt we were underdressed. However, when we looked at the menu, it was actually not too bad. The food were reasonably priced, and we were told that the appetizers were all creatively made in-house - something you wouldn't find elsewhere. I was already excited!

Even while we were waiting, we could already smell the delicious aroma of the foods. When the food finally arrived - we ordered chicken pumpkin dumplings and basil chicken - we were just too happy to dig in - after I had taken the photos, of course. The entree came with a bowl of rice, hence how I created my "gourmet" plate. I really was proud of myself for plating my food, just so I could demolish it after I turned off my camera.

The food was amazing. If you knew me, you would know that I didn't eat most vegetables, let alone broccoli. Yuan Boutique Bistro and Dim Sum INSPIRED me to eat theirs! I couldn't really taste the "healthiness" of the broccoli which was a definite win, but it also embodied the sauce that the dish was plated with. It was absolutely delicious.

So, if you are in the Riverside county, specifically the Temecula area, I would highly suggest stopping by Yuan Boutique Bistro and Dim Sum. You would not be disappointed.

31757 Temecula Pkwy
Temecula, CA 92592


  1. ohh my the food looks so so delicious! xx

    1. they tasted as good as they looked!

  2. I watch Food Network all the time. In fact, I'm watching it now while I catch up on comments!
    Jen at YA Romantics

    1. haha yesss!! Food Network is the best :D