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Beauty: I Bought Too Many Things... Again

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Before you ask, let me just say that I have put myself on another spending ban, and I'm serious this time. Yes, I have a plan to save a certain amount of money every month and that means I will be leaving only on necessities from now on. Please pray for me :)

(Of course I bought more things than what is shown in the photo.)

Shoe Liners - I bought 3 different types of shoe liners from Bloomingdales. They had a deal for 3 for $16. I figured it was a good deal, so I bought them.

Acrylic Storage - I bought another one from Marshalls, but this time, it was for my bathroom. I'm absolutely in love with it and very happy to see my bathroom counter organized.

Batiste Dry Shampoo - other bloggers had claimed that this is the best brand for dry shampoo. I tried it once and it left my hair with glittery particles and made it greasy. Just like all the other ones. Can someone please give me a step-by-step on how to use a dry shampoo? I'm wondering if I'm just doing it wrong.

Box of 40 cards - It was $5.99 and I have decided I wanted to send more letters and notes to people. I wanted more cards. (Note that I didn't say "needed")

Candle holder - this was part of the prize that I won from a giveaway that I mentioned in my last haul. I still haven't decided whether I want to use it as a pen holder or eye brushes holder.

Slim Twin Razors - I just buy the cheap razors. These happened to be cute and one of the least expensive razors, so I bought them.

Avalon Organics Shampoo in Nourishing Lavender - I needed a new shampoo and I wanted to try something natural and organic, so I bought this. I've used it once so far and it made my hair very happy.

Alba Botanica Very Emollient Pure Lavender Sunscreen - I have been wanting this and when I saw it on sale at Whole Foods, I bought it on impulse. I've tried it once and it felt amazing, like wearing a moisturizer!

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief - I treated myself with a facial as an early birthday present. I was told my face needed more moisture so I took the plunge and invested in the Clinique Moisture Surge since it's been in my wish list as well. I am in love!

Acure Facial Toner - I wanted to try a more accessible toner instead of waiting for a Body Shop sale, so I discovered this toner. It is a spray and I'm excited to try it.

Simple Cleansing Micellar Water - I've wanted one of these since people were raving on about micellar waters. I'm excited to try this, too! It's a good timing that I'm running out of the Simple Eye Makeup Remover.

Jason Calming Lavender Deodorant Stick - I have a current obsession to lavender-scented products, so I bought a natural deodorant. 

Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner in Brown and Purple - the brown one was for my friend and the purple one was for me, because some people have said that purple compliments brown eyes. Also, I've been loving purple recently, thanks to Victoria from In the Frow.

Rimmel by Kate #17 - I own this and so I thought it would be a good idea to send to my friend as well.

NYX Butter Lipstick in Candy Buttons - I got one for me and my friend. When I swatched it on my hand, it felt so smooth and buttery :) I tried it on and it was actually very nude. It's my first ever nude lipstick without a pink or peachy undertone that's quite obvious. I like it, though. It's very summery.


  1. hahaha love the title of this post! That toner sounds good, I like the spray top!
    Good luck with your spending ban :)

    1. haha thanks :D really going to try not to spend on products!

  2. Hi! I'm glad I'm not the only want who buys too many things! :D

    On the dry shampoo, how are you applying it? You need to spray it quite far away from your hair else you do get patches of the product (even if you have the brunette one) - imagine you're spraying on hairspray to fix a style? And depending on how greasy it is, work through it in layers, so I start by spraying the sides underneath that would be showing if I put my hair up in a pony and then work through to the top of my hair. And my absolute number one tip is - apply it the night before you're going to need it. Then overnight, it blends in and gives it time to absorb the oil from your hair.

    I struggled with dry shampoo at first but it's become my beauty fix of the moment - too much work/hobbies/life, not enough me time! ;)

    Michelle -x-
    Sugardust & Starlight

    1. I will try using the dry shampoo again. Thanks so much!

  3. I love the Rimmel scandaleyes liners, the nude is lovely! The acrylic storage is really lovely too. As for the dry shampoo, I spray it on, rub it in and then go over it with my hairbrush and it seems to work for me :)

    Velvet Blush

    1. I'm having a bit of trouble with the purple. it is pigmented on my hand, but sheer on my eyes.

    2. Ooh I haven't had that problem before and I've tried the nude and brown, that's a shame!