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Disclaimer: This post is longer than my usual, and also photo heavy.

I love ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, and sorbet! Most of the time, I eat sorbet because I feel less guilty eating them. Also, eating tart desserts make me feel less guilty for eating them in the first place!

When me and my friends went to the mall, I asked them if we could try the Elixir Espresso Bar. I've wanted to try their frozen goodness ever since I've spotted them in passing. First of all, the person who served us was very knowledgeable and engaging... He might also have been handsome ;) He was so accommodating. I asked if I could only get one scoop instead of two because I felt guilty as it was. He gave me a scoop worth a scoop and a half and then charged me and my friend for one large scoop instead of two small scoops. 


I was not able to get a photo of the place as a whole, but it had cozy seating accommodations and the friendliest associates and manager. As I'm new to photographing beyond what I actually ordered, I asked someone at the counter if I could take pictures so I could write this post. It turned out, Alex McDaniel was the manager. He also told me that soon, they will be opening their fourth location in La Jolla Village! How exciting!

I didn't try the pastries, but they sure looked delectable! Look at them croissants! I bet that the handsome associate can tell you all about the good stuff in them, too ;)

Before I tell you where they are located, let's actually talk about the gelato and sorbet because honestly, this was the only reason I came. I cannot speak for the coffee or the wine, but I can assure you, the frozen heaven was worth the trip! I ordered the Mango Sorbet, which according to the handsome associate, had very fine, indistinguishable chunks of fresh, unripe mango. Oh my gosh. If you knew me, you would know how much I love unripe mango dipped in pink Himalayan salt. 

Anyway, my friend ordered the Nutella gelato and he was quite happy with it! I certainly was glad that we finally tried this place and I can't wait to try the other flavors like the Lemon Sorbet!

As I've mentioned above, they have three locations (fourth location opening soon), so there's no excuse not to visit them. Whether you like frozen dessert, baked goods, coffee, or wine, this place is one to try :)

Elixir Espresso Bar
427 C Street #101
San Diego, CA 92101

4545 La Jolla Village Dr. #9003
San Diego, CA 92122

200 E Via Rancho Pkwy #9000
Escondido, CA 92025


  1. OMG that looks soo soo yummy! x

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  3. The ice cream/frozen yoghurt looks sooo good! If I lived there I would visit that place all the time :)

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    1. there's so many of those places here, so you'll have a lot to choose from!

  4. Wow oh wow, I wish we had these in Australia! I'm sure my waist is glad, though, because I'd feel compelled to try a new flavour every single time I passed, and a whole lot of it. Gotta say, ice cream and gelato are my weaknesses!

    Shae xo
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