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I still don't fully understand this condition, but I am working on improving every day. Sometimes it becomes difficult to deal with and I want to give up, but I don't. I remind myself that it is temporary and that anxiety doesn't define Me.

This tag was created by Hollie Louise. Anyone is welcome to do this tag. I believe the purpose for this was to raise awareness about mental health. I hope you will pass this on and would continue to support those who need it.

1. What is your mental health issue?
The official answer from my psychologist is Generalized Anxiety Disorder. However, I experience social anxiety more than anything. It is hard for me to make friends and it is hard for me to interact with people and deal with conflict.

2. Do you have medication and/or therapy?
My anxiety got worse a few months ago to a point where I had to be prescribed Xanax. I went ahead and accepted it. However, I HAVE NEVER TAKEN IT.  I accepted it in case of emergencies - which really means when I'm feeling violent or destructive. I have purchased Suntheanine from a health store for mental calmness and relaxation. The reason I bought it besides the promise of calmness was that it was chewable ;) As for therapy, I regularly see my psychologist.

3. What therapy/medication have you tried and has any worked for you?
The only thing I can say that works is Meditation. Keeping the mind quiet and relaxed is the most helpful way to keep anxiety at bay. This doesn't always work for me simply because I'm lazy and can't seem to take a moment to stop and simply meditate.

4. How long have you had problems for?
I did not know what problems I had, nor did anyone tell me. I just noticed that I constantly burned bridges among friends and family. In early 2014, I decided that enough was enough and it was time I sought help. 

5. Does your family/friends know?
They know, but very few understand. I've cut off ties because I've been ridiculed for having anxiety simply because they didn't understand.

6. Does this affect your work and daily living?
Absolutely. Every single day I think to myself that I'm not good enough. I wonder if people are looking at me and judging me. I constantly feel guilty for not acting in the same way everyone else is.

7. What makes you feel calm?
Sitting in a quiet and peaceful place, listening to the Relax app. My favorite "cocktail" of sounds is a combination of campfire, rain, and thunderstorm. The lack of control in a thunderstorm oddly appeals to me given that I'm in a constant struggle for control. I also find coloring books are quite calming. The sheer focus of coloring within the lines is very helpful for quieting the mind.

8. What do you do in a crisis?
I run away. Seriously, I take myself out of the situation and have a breakdown. I learned not to fight it when I know I'm about to have an anxiety attack because the feeling of relief and calmness after it is so promising.

9. What advice would you give others suffering?
Seek help from a professional. If that is not available to you, connect with people on Twitter. There is also a Facebook page all about supporting people with this "invisible illness." If all else fails, you can always tweet me :) Also, download the Calm and Relax app. These two apps are what works best for me.

10. What makes you smile?
Anything British - YouTubers, One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith... Also, Taylor Swift. If those resources don't work, I think of all the nice things people have said to me and try to focus on them. Finally, if everything else fails, there's always shopping.

11. Describe your mental health issue in 5 words:
spontaneous, painful, crippling, fearful, insecure

12. Insert a picture to make people smile.
Ladies and gentlemen... This is what love looks like.

If this post helps at least one of my readers, then I'd be happy. I've also written 5 things to remember when you're upset. Thanks for reading!


  1. I've suffered severe anxiety since I was an early teen. I got it bad with panic attacks. Only my mom and brother know. Anxiety is awful but I'm getting better with it, but its tough to have anxiety and deal with people. Wishing you the best, girl. It's a battle, but you are not alone!

    1. I'm starting to worry that working in corporate positions wouldn't work for me. It gets more and more difficult because I feel like I'm not good enough... I'm working on fixing that, but it's a slow process.

    2. It definitely is tough. Anxiety skews your view on yourself and kinda feeds off of your worst insecurities and amplifies them. One step at a time, but I feel ya girl.

    3. It's the fear of being misunderstood that is the toughest for sure. People judge you for being the way you are, not realizing that it's not something you chose to be.

    4. Preach and precisely because of this is that I barely mention the severity of my anxiety to others. I have found that people tend to judge you rather than trying to understand you. A few understand but that number is really tiny. And it can be quite hurtful. Especially when it is something that you didnt choose to be, like you said!

    5. Someone had told me constantly "I know you have anxiety....(insert other words here)....but you need to grow up." makes me so mad. I will be writing an anxiety post for another blogger and I will go all out (as much as I can and be tactful, that is), and address this issue.

    6. That is a slap in the face for sure. And an awful comment to make to anyone.
      I'm glad you are writing about it. It's not easy to talk about!

  2. great post hun! I hope to have the courage to write mine someday! I have so much respect and admiration for you! Just keep going x

  3. I have anxiety as well and it took years for me to realize I needed help because most in my family don't believe in mental illnesses. It makes me feel awful since I can't communicate as well as I want to with people face to face and can't make friends easily either.

    I really love your post by the way, I wish I had the courage to write about this topic and I will definitely download the apps you mentioned! Also, the photo you included put a huge smile on my face!

    Priyanka |

    1. I'm glad this post helped you, Priyanka! I have trouble communicating with people as well and prefer to run away (currently experiencing it now). I also have very few friends, but the ones I do have, I cherish because I know they're worth it and that they respect me. Hang in there. Let me know how the apps work for you!

  4. British people, music, coloring and being in calm places is exactly what I do when I need a break from the world. It's crazy how much it can do to you? To just get away and be in your own mind and space.

    Thank you for sharing x