Beauty: Buying All-Natural Products

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Ever since I became aware of why people avoided products made with parabens, I started to research more ingredients that I should avoid. I referred to Organic Beauty Talk's Ingredients to Avoid. Since then, I've tried my hardest to only buy products that were free of parabens, SLS, Propylene Glycol, Butylene Glycol, and Mineral Oil. This made shopping take a bit longer than before, but it was quite fun hunting for natural products. Being able to share them with you was simply the icing on my delicious cake :)

Disclaimer: I am not writing this post to inform you of what these ingredients are. This post is about the pros and cons of buying natural products over typical commercial products.


1. Discovering new and amazing brands. I could not be happier that I've discovered so many lesser-known brands who made all-natural and organic products free of harmful ingredients.

2. Better quality most of the time. I've found that all-natural products have proven to be of higher quality than products with harmful ingredients.

3. Cleaner ingredients meant cleaner and purer scents. Using only natural products for my hair and body, I found that they all smelled amazing and delicious. They were better than any other artificial smell from more commercial products that I've tried. I found that most natural products contain essential oils that were more expensive, but also more potent and pure.


1. Some miss the quality mark. For example, all-natural deodorants were not quite worth the money. They didn't last long enough to provide protection.

2. Price could sometimes be quite high. Higher quality meant higher cost. Not everyone could afford them, unfortunately.

Do you prefer to buy all-natural products?


  1. I really want to start getting into things like this and learning about what to avoid and learn about cruelty free products.

    Corinne x

  2. Hydraluron is such a great serum. Very hydrating. You reminded me to get mine out and wear it more often again. x

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

    1. yey :) hope you love it all over again!

  3. I've heard a lot about Alba Botanica and I'm planning to try their scrubs x

    -Wildfire Charm

    1. the scrub is waxy but I don't mind it

  4. Always wanted to try more natural products. But never knew where to start. Thanks hun, this is great starting point.

    Kira xx

    1. find one ingredient that you want to avoid and you can go from there :)

  5. Amen! I love natural products and generally I want to switch over because we have no idea what these new chemicals can do to our system after a while. (Shea Moisture is a FABULOUS brand!)

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge