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Who doesn't like food? I mean, honestly. I'm a very picky eater, but I consider myself a foodie. I love trying out new restaurants and finding the best quality food out there. 

My mom brought me to BLD, said they have the most amazing bread. Honestly, she was right! They were soft and absolutely delicious. Even the lemon water was amazing! Trying to be a good girl, I only ate one roll and left the other three for my mom.

To start with, we ordered an egg drop soup. It was delicious! I've tried this soup in other restaurants before, but I could safely say that this was possibly one of the best I've tried. I also really enjoyed the egg noodle chips that came with it. 

For appetizer, I ordered Thai Chili Calamari. I actually did not use the thai chili because my stomach could not handle spicy foods. The calamari was great, though a bit dry. I thought maybe it needed a bit of moisture or a less spicy dipping sauce.

For the main course, my mom ordered the Kung Pao Chicken and the Chicken Fried Rice. The first one was great, however, it was too spicy for me to enjoy. My mom thought it was more salty than spicy. I was sure she enjoyed it, though. As for the fried rice, it was great. I did not realize they added sausages in it, though. I tried to avoid red meat as much as possible. My mom loved it while I had a few bites. As you could see, we ordered too much food. I ended up taking home the calamari while my mom took home the chicken dishes.

Overall, I enjoyed my mother's company and the food as well. The servers were also lovely. I would definitely come back to this restaurant. 

Valley View Casino
16300 Nyemii Pass Place
Valley Center, CA 92082


  1. Everything looks so delicious! I love your blog! xx

  2. Looks like you had a great time with your Mum! Haha I'd rather order too much too rather than too less ;)

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    1. I do like leftovers, but while I'm in the restaurant, I feel bad... haha