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For those of my readers who didn't know it yet, I don't drink. However, I found an ale house that serves the most amazing gourmet mac and cheese, and I mean, I really couldn't be kept away from there just because I don't drink. 

Sublime Ale House was introduced to me by a former roommate who was a mac and cheese fanatic. It was loud, service took forever, and the food was sometimes hit and miss, but I kept coming back for the comfort food that was made with premium cheese.

I'd only been here a few times and I'd always made my own mac and cheese, with varied toppings every time I'd stopped by. This time around, I asked my mom what she wanted for the vegetable topping. She chose broccoli, so that's what I ordered. When creating my customized sin of choice, I loved the combination of gouda and beer cheese. I wouldn't even try anything else because they just seemed quite ordinary. In addition, I always added applewood smoked bacon as my topping, and no other meat added.

The first time that my mom dined at Sublime Ale House, it was with me and my friend who currently resides in Spain. She ordered a buffalo sandwich and she liked it. So, for our return trip, this time without my friend, she ordered the buffalo chicken panini. Unfortunately, she was quite disappointed because "it was too salty." We even mentioned it to our lovely waiter, but he only apologized. Well, I'd still come back for the mac and cheese, but we knew then that we wouldn't be ordering the buffalo chicken panini again. On the bright side, my mom really enjoyed the mac and cheese. Score!

Overall, no matter what you order from this restaurant/bar, just make sure that you always have the mac and cheese on the side. Oh, and their fries were pretty great as well. Also make sure you don't come too hungry. The wait really was not a redeeming quality of the place, but it was worth it when that steaming, crusty pile of cheesy mac was served.

Sublime Ale House
1020 San Marcos Blvd
San Marcos, CA 92078
(760) 510-9220

Let me know in the comments what type of cheese you love on your mac and cheese!

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