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I've been so busy lately, as you probably noticed in this blog. Not only have I felt like I've neglected my blog a little bit, but I've also not had time to relax and be a couch potato like I used to do. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy being busy, but sometimes, I just want to be a mindless zombie and watch some good ol' TV. So, today, I thought I'd share my three favorite fall TV shows of the moment.


This is a new series and the only reason I'm watching it is because my roommates decided to record it and give it a try. Well, I sure am glad about that! I love this show! There's a lot of action, a little bit of sexual tension, and a lot of intelligence. What more could I ask for? This is the perfect TV show to get my adrenaline going.


I waited for this show to come back and now, it's finally back on the air. I have seen one episode so far, and oh my goodness, my hormones shot up the roof! The Grimm is just so hot! I mean, look at that facial hair. I pretty just swooned over him half the show. *fans self*


Of course, this is still one of my favorite TV shows. Elena's gone, but hey, I still love it! Especially because Damon and Bonnie are now best friends, and he calls her Bon Bon. That is the cutest nickname ever! Also, who doesn't love good ol' Damon? I like it when he's destructive. Although he seems to be losing his touch. He used to be so deadly, but amongst the heretics? He seems a bit of a weakling. Not to worry, I'm sure there's more in store for him. I can't wait to see him baaaad again!

What are your favorite TV shows this season?


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    1. I just recently got into it. I'd love to catch up all the way from season 1!

  2. Vampire Diaries is amazing! Love the spin off too (The Originals) :)

    John | Shout John

    1. I loved the first season of The Originals, but somehow I just stopped watching it now...