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Life: Five Things I'm Thankful For

12:00:00 AM Arianne 3 Comments

I have received many blessings in the past couple of months, some of them I've mentioned in my Grateful for Good Graces post. So, in lieu of Thanksgiving this week, I want to share with you five things I'm thankful for!

1. I have met new clients for my freelance copy editing business and I couldn't be more thankful. Most of them didn't really have a book for me to edit, but it was nice knowing that they were aware of my existence and would hopefully utilize my services in the future.

2. My relationship with my mom had improved greatly. These past few months, we've been able to get along better than ever and we've been able to tolerate each other. That was certainly something to be thankful for. Now, I would miss her if I don't see her once a week.

3. I'm quite thankful to have a great day job. There would always be challenges and sometimes conflicts with any occupation, but I was very grateful to be surrounded with supportive and overall good people. The office had always been filled with laughter, camaraderie, and professionalism. 

4. It had been quite a journey getting along with my roommate because I tend to run away from conflict. I'd been very thankful that she had taught me to talk about the situation and work things out. In addition to that, I had also been appreciating my friends more. If you didn't know, I didn't have many friends, but the ones I did have were great!

5. Finally, I couldn't be more thankful for my therapist. There had been times when I could cry throughout half or all of the session, and he would simply listen or offer some comforting words. I had also been thankful for the online support group that I'd developed this past year, especially on Twitter. Having someone on the other side of the world was quite helpful for late night bouts of anxiety.

Now you know what I'm thankful for, I want to know what you're thankful for in the comments! You can list as many or as little as you want. Just remember, being alive is enough to be thankful for each day. 


  1. Congratulations on meeting some new clients, I hope your business becomes very successfull! Right now I'm thankful for the little things, like going out or catching up on my blog :)

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  2. I think it's essential to our happiness to see and appreciate the positive things in our life, rather than dwell on the negatives. I heard of a book that helps us do it on a daily basis and I'm tempted to include it on my Xmas list. If I'm correct, I think it's called "the five minute journal". x

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