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photo credit: Sven Jacobsen; text edit: Ayre

As soon as One Direction announced the title of their fifth album, I went and pre-ordered it. To be honest, there were times when I wanted to cancel the pre-order, but I couldn't so I just went with it. One Direction tunes were the kind of songs that took time to grow on you, but when it did, it sure was satisfactory.

The one song that I loved right from the very start was Love You Goodbye. I had always been a sucker for sad love songs, and this was a hit! It reminded me of what being heartbroken felt like, but the song was so beautiful that I just kept playing it on repeat.

The first single was Drag Me Down, and it took a few times of listening to it before I fell in love with it. Now, it had become one of my favorite tracks from the album. I sure loved Harry's voice in it.

The second single was Perfect. Just like everyone else, I thought it was about Taylor Swift, but whoever it was meant for, it was such a sweet, carefree song.

Another favorite was Infinity and I wrote a whole blog post about it. I loved the lyrics, and again, they were quite sad.

If I Could Fly was the kind of feel-good slow number. Although I thought it should have been called "For Your Eyes Only" because If I Could Fly was only the beginning lyric. 

The first time I heard History, I thought it sounded like a Christmas song. To be honest, I thought half the album sounded like holiday music, but I wouldn't complain. I loved the message of this song. A couple had a lot of history, but one of them wasn't sure if they were on the same page still. Such an upbeat heartbreak song if you asked me.

Finally, the title track A.M. was such a catchy song when I first listened to it. Something about it was just brilliant and it was then I understood why Niall said it was the first track that made up the foundation of the whole album. 

I'm so proud of how far these lads had come. I'm sad that they will be taking a break very soon, but I know that they really do deserve it. I already can't wait for their return!

Have you heard the album? What's your favorite song?

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  1. This album is amazing, right? It has such a cool retro vibe. I have Hey Angel and What a Feeling on repeat a lot at the moment. I don't know why but I Want To Write You A Song made me cry when I first heard it lol it's just so sweet!
    Steph x.