Life: The Scorch Trials

12:00:00 AM Arianne 0 Comments

I know, I know. I should have posted this around Halloween, but time got away from me, okay?! Anyway, this only looks Halloween-themed, but it's actually a movie review.

I was really excited for this movie because I enjoyed the Maze Runner movie. I hadn't read the book (I was "traumatized" by reading the Maze Runner for a long while) but I decided to go ahead and watch it. Wow, that was NOT what I expected!

I expected:
  • desert
  • drought
  • thirsty Thomas
  • fireballs?
What I got:
  • desert
  • Thomas was NOT thirsty
  • no fireballs -_-

Suffice to say, this movie did not tickle my pickle. I was horrified most of the time and it wasn't even as interesting as the first movie. Maybe it was because I expected something else than what I got, but still. Then, there was a betrayal. If I had read the book, maybe I would have expected it, but this movie did not inspire me to read the book at all. No ma'am.

I would still see the last movie, but The Scorch Trials was just weird.

Did you see The Scorch Trials? What did you think?