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Beauty: Empties #4

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Is there anything more satisfying than finishing a product? I think not. I feel like they must be at least somewhat good if I was able to use every last drop. Today, I want to mention which products I will repurchase, already repurchased, and those I will not repurchase. Hope you enjoy!

I will repurchase...
Alba Botanica French Lavender Shower Gel - the big bottle lasted forever and it smelled amazing. Down side to it was that it was pricey, so I'd be waiting for a sale before I purchase a new one.

Alba Botanica Kukui Body Cream - this is my holy grail body moisturizer, so of course, I will repurchase. I already bought one for a friend :)

I already repurchased...
Hydraluron Moisture Jelly - I repurchased it, then realized it had glycol in the ingredients. I think I would just give the new one to my mom.

Clinique Take the Day Off - I repurchased a travel version to get the Clinique Moisture Surge for free.

Clinique Moisture Surge - technically I didn't repurchase it, but I did acquire a new one for free by buying the makeup remover above.

I will not be repurchasing...
Earthly Body Hemp Seed shower gel - I'm not a fan of hemp scents.

Hydraluron Serum - I also found it had glycol so I would be avoiding this now. I had already purchased an all-natural serum to replace it.

Simple Micellar Cleanser - I didn't see any significant contribution when I used this product to remove my makeup. 

Acure Facial Toner - I loved the spray capability of this product, but it was a bit pricey for me. I had already purchased a witch hazel toner; it was cheaper and came in a big bottle.

Bath and Body Works Rainkissed Leaves - I will try my hardest to find all-natural hand soaps once I'm finished with all of my BBW hand soaps.

What products have you finished lately?


  1. It normally takes me a good while to finish products but I finished my collection concealer and Superdrug hot cloth cleanser, both of which I have already repurchased :)

    Velvet Blush

    1. I just love how satisfied I feel when I finish a product :)

  2. I LOVE reading empities and knowing why someone wants to repurchase something. I guess I'm noisy. One question: why are you not a fan of glycol?? Is it bad for the skin??

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    2. Glycols are toxic. I wrote about it in my The Struggles of Going All-Natural blog post in November.

    3. Oh snap. I didn't know that!!! Now to finish everything I own and buy new stuff. (Without glycol!) Thanks for replying. xx

  3. Alba Botanica seems a good brand :) maybe I'll check online! Thanks a lot dear for your advices ! xx

  4. I love reading empties, such a great way to review products! Glad I discovered your blog! Bean's Beauty Blog