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Beauty: Top 3 Beauty Wishes

12:00:00 AM Arianne 3 Comments

It's already December! Honestly, where did November go? It was just here the other day! Anyway, as it is the season for creating wish lists, I thought I'd share with you my top three beauty wishes for this year. As you can probably tell, I would only share the pricey products in this post.

Aromatica Rose Absolute Vital Cream - It was late at night and I decided to watch Michelle Phan's video called Beauty Basic / Skin Care: Evening Routine. I really enjoyed the video, and in it, she talked about this moisturizer. I noticed that when she talked about the products, she kept mentioning the word "organic," so of course I went to take a look at the products after the video. After looking at reviews and the ingredients for this product, I decided I wanted it in my collection. However, as it is quite pricey at $52, I thought I'd add it here instead :) Also, this would be my first ever Korean beauty product when I get my hands on it.

Stila In the Moment Eyeshadow Palette - I just love the colors, to be honest. I would love to own a palette with purple and neutral shadows in it. I think that would just be perfect! Also, I went to look for it here in the US and it's not available. What?!!! Now I really want it. I found it on the UK Stila website and it seems quite cheap as well. I thought it'd be around 40 pounds!

Urban Decay Smoky Eyes Palette - I thought I could use all the colors in this palette. I especially want to try the silver/gray shadows!

Let me know in the comments if you own any of these products or if they're in your wish list, too!

Thanks to Renata from Speaking Beauty UK for letting me use her Stila and UD Smoky Palette photos in this post. The Aromatica photo was from the Peach and Lily website.


  1. This sounds great! Though I'd look at that pricey tag too but that's probably because it's organic! Maybe there's an alternative brand? The palette looks really nice! Great post! :) x

    1. I'm constantly looking for alternative brands. So far, no such luck!

  2. I know it's silly since I have both Naked 1 & 3, that I probably only use once a week or so at this point, but the Smoky palette is just so pretty and I kind of really want it too!