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His Frozen Heart was written by Nancy Straight and it was the very first New Adult story I've read. I thoroughly enjoyed it and refused to put it down! To be totally honest, the first few pages didn't really catch my attention, but when the main character Candy started scavenging for food, my curiosity was piqued.

First of all, Candy seemed really proud not to ask for help when she had two parents who were a phone call away. She was practically starving, and I didn't like that idea. Besides that, I really enjoyed the book. I was confused at first, which was great because it meant this book wasn't predictable. When things started coming together, I wanted to stop everything I was doing and just read the book. 

Dave was such a sweetheart. He was the super hot guy with the biggest heart. Basically, he was the fictional boyfriend that everyone would love to have. I also enjoyed reading his back story. It was nice reading about flashbacks to his childhood and how he and Candy met.

Finally, before I spoil anything about this book, I just wanted to say I loved Libby and Mr. Kravitz. Please read this book. It was honestly so riveting. Hey, it'd be a great Christmas gift, you know? *wink*

Book 1, of the Brewer Brothers Series 
Genre: Suspenseful Romance (suitable for all ages) 

For best friends, Candy and Libby, money is tight with hardly enough to cover their living expenses. When they are desperate for grocery money, the girls bet on their pool playing skills to add to their income. 

A simple wager on a quiet winter evening has devastating results; a stalker is determined to kill them both. With Libby in the hospital after a vicious attack, and Candy being pursued by the same stalker, she vows to find Libby's attacker. 

What she finds is Dave, an old friend with a secret past filled with misfortune. Will Dave’s past provide the answer to all of Candy’s problems or will it become Candy’s worst nightmare realized? 

Bronze Medal Winner ~ Fictional Suspense ~ 2015 Readers' Favorite International Book Awards 

Buy: Amazon | Audible 

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