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FOOD | Erin Baker's Homestyle Granola

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I love granola and yogurt for breakfast. I particularly love chocolate granola. I found Erin Baker's Homestyle Granola at Sprouts when I was too lazy to drive to Trader Joe's for my usual box. I was so blown away by this brand that I had resolved to call it my favorite chocolate granola brand. However, there's a slight problem.

It's too expensive; $5.29 to be exact.

Notice how small the bag is, which means I need two bags a week if I was going to eat it for breakfast every day. I don't even eat that much, but the need is strong because I sometimes like to snack on it in the afternoon as well.

As a way to try to remedy this dilemma, I asked Vitacost if they can restock this amazing creation and I would happily buy in bulk. As of yet, I'm still waiting to hear back whether they would be able to start supplying this brand to me.

In the meantime, I've found Archer Farms double chocolate granola from Target. It's not as healthy, but it is better than Trader Joe's brand. I found that I prefer my chocolate granola to be less sweet. 

I also would like to give a little shoutout to Green Mountain Creamery. Their vanilla greek yogurt is my favorite. Yet another dilemma, I did not know the darn yogurt was so expensive as well ($6.99)! It's even more expensive than the granola. Sheesh, I didn't realize I have such expensive taste!

Do you have a favorite granola or yogurt brand? Let me know in the comments!