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I was binging on Tanya Burr's vlogmas when she mentioned again about supporting Global Goals. In the beginning, I thought, "oh, what a great idea," but I didn't really do anything to participate. This year, I want to start supporting good causes, and I would start with the Global Goals.

I looked at the website and the 17 different goals before I decided to choose the one I wanted to support. The first three was really hard to choose from, but after reading about #3, I decided it's the one I wanted to support.

There is a movie called The Normal Heart starring Mark Ruffalo, Matt Bomer, and Julia Roberts. To be honest, I really wanted to watch it only because Matt Bomer was in it, but after the movie, my eyes were opened about the helplessness of people who have AIDS, and their loved ones who knew that they were suffering but couldn't do anything about it.

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I'm sure most of you know about the movie The Fault in Our Stars. Watching it made me want to start living life more positively and stop taking things for granted. Yes, some of us have anxiety, and yes, sometimes it could be quite difficult to manage, but when you put it in perspective, we have the power to conquer the negative thoughts, conquer the fears, and live a better, healthier life. People who have cancer could sometimes feel helpless because it's still a hard disease to overcome up to this day.

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So, I want to support Global Goal #3 to promote Good Health and Well-Being amongst every living person in the world because we all deserve to live a full life. Let's all aim to live a healthier lifestyle and improve ourselves each and every day. Let's help others who might seem to be struggling, whether with addiction, anxiety, or simply because they lack the means to live healthily. Let's support research foundations to find cure for incurable diseases as well as promoting better mental health support and understanding. Finally, let's prevent people from having their life cut short.

Let me know in the comments which goal you are supporting and what you're doing to promote it.


  1. This is such a positive post. I love the fault in our stars book as it has such a powerful message xx

    Jasmine ||

    1. I've not read the book yet, but I really fell in love with the Fault in our Stars movie :D