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LIFE | Second Chance

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If you live in America, there is a new show on FOX called Second Chance and you need to check it out! I am absolutely obsessed with it! It's the first show I've ever been obsessed with from the very beginning ever since White Collar. With that said, I decided to watch this show because Tim Dekay is one of the actors and I absolutely loved him in his White Collar days. It seemed being an FBI agent must be his typecast because he's playing another agent in this show.

Anyway, the main character is Gorgeous! Also, I love the modern spin to Frankenstein. I also really enjoy the fact that he's clearly not a monster. Quite the contrary, he's becoming more of a hero, and a very strong one at that.

And then, this show got me thinking. If I would be given a second chance at life, I would cherish my relationship with my family more. Some families are dysfunctional, but they're still together. I wish I had that. At the very least, I wish I had a close, trusting relationship with other family members. 

P.S. If you live in the UK or any other country outside the U.S., I watched the episodes on Hulu. You might be able to watch a couple episodes there even without a subscription: http://www.hulu.com/second-chance It doesn't hurt to try :)

If given a second chance, what would you change about YOUR life?