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Some of you might not know, but I don't like vegetables. I didn't grow up eating much of them so I didn't acquire the taste as much as I wish I did. So, when I found a restaurant that cooked delicious vegetables, it instantly became my new favorite hang out.

Urban Plates claimed to provide "real food, made from scratch, at an affordable price." I hadn't really heard much about this place besides that they gave big portions. The first time I visited, I was with two of my friends. I don't remember exactly what I got as my fourth side, but I definitely got mashed potatoes, grilled chicken, and the grilled focaccia bread. My first reaction was that I had never tasted mashed potatoes like the one they served. It was so buttery and fluffy and pure bliss.

All subsequent visits after that were with my mother. The first time I took her there, she enjoyed it and we shared a plate. Nowadays, we always just shared the plate above. We haven't really tried anything else. I kind of want to try the broccoli next time, however, it looked like they were steamed as opposed to grilled like the rest of the dishes.

Anyway, I would highly recommend this restaurant if you live in California. Each plate cost about $11.00 and totally worth every dollar. They also had delicious desserts and hearty salads in the menu. I loved that this restaurant was like a buffet style so we didn't have to wait in line behind salad eaters (lol).

What's your favorite grilled vegetable?


  1. That looks yum! I'm in California, but I'd have to drive a fair distance to get to one. Maybe one day. Who knows. Thanks for sharing! XOXO

    Breanna Catharina

    1. It's totally worth the drive. Maybe you can make a full day adventure out of it? :)