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It's time to reminisce with embarrassing photos! This is actually part two of the series, but I didn't write a blog post on the first one, only posted a video. Let's take a stroll down memory lane, shall we?

Top: From left to right
1. I thought I was being cute. Obviously not. Someone did my hair and makeup for a party. I hate parties, but I went to one in this picture. It was a disaster.
2. Same day, and I might have been trying to look sexy. Absolutely failed. 
3. One of the hobbies when I was a teenager was to go to the mall, try on clothes, and take photos. This was one of those photos. I did not buy that dress, thankfully.
4. I have no fashion sense, and this photo was proof. Look at all those patterns!!!
5. One of the good photos I ever took. I liked my hair parted on one side. It seemed I also applied my eyeliner quite heavily. I'm thankful that I grew out of that.

Bottom: From left to right
6. I think this was right after I got a haircut, or a few days after. I was trying to copy Ashlee Simpson's hair. I really did like it in this photo.
7. I seem to have been really happy to be next to Elvis.
8. This was taken in Chinatown in Los Angeles. That bright ring was a purity ring because at the time, the Jonas Brothers were really popular and I wanted to follow the trend.
9. This is my favorite hat to this day. As for my face, I have no words.
10. I was a big Hilary Duff fan, as you can clearly see from that big cheese on my face.

BONUS PHOTO. Joe Jonas was my twin.

Which embarrassing photo was your favorite?


  1. I love this post & I honestly think there are worse things than looking like Joe Jonas haha. ;) I got loads of party photos and bathroom selfies that really make me cringe.

    1. glad you liked this post! I'd love to see you do a post on your bathroom selfies lol :)

  2. Hahaha, this made me go check out my profile too, wow it's changed a lot!

    Corinne x

  3. My friend and I always joked that we would share each other's most embarrassing photo to the world. You are brave for sharing your embarrassing photos! It is always awkward to look back to some old photos and just wonder WHY that photo was even taken.