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12:00:00 AM Arianne 3 Comments

Sometimes, you just have to indulge... So what if you're lactose intolerant? Live a little ;)

During leap day last month, my friend and I met for some sushi. I wasn't quite satisfied, but I didn't want to order a second roll in case I became too full. Our conversation didn't seem like it was going to end any time soon, so I suggested we got some dessert somewhere else.

Well, we certainly found something. We went to Elephant Bar Restaurant and literally ordered the Mini Indulgences Sampler. We agreed it was better to get something to share. And indulge, we did. We both really enjoyed the walnut fudge brownie. Oh my gosh, it was heavenly. The creme brulee was sadly not very tasty, and I didn't care much for the wonton sundae. I did enjoy the vanilla ice cream, though.

The moral of this story was that even though we only enjoyed one of the three desserts, and even though I'm lactose intolerant, we had fun. I was in good company and that was all that mattered to me. So, the next time you're feeling a bit on the low side, grab a good friend and just... INDULGE :)

What's your favorite food to indulge in when you need a pick-me-up?


  1. The dessert looks absolutely delicious - I'd like to personally thank the person who has invented walnut brownies, they're the best. xx

  2. Wow this looks so good, sorry that the dessert was not up to par. I love Creme Brule so even hearing that someone had a bad one makes me upset.