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No matter how boring our lives may seem, sometimes it becomes interesting enough when embarrassing things happen. We may feel a bit mortified at the time, but years later, we can laugh about it or write a blog post about it. Shall we?

1. Grade school slip
Every class were required to go to a gathering or meeting of some sort. As soon as it finished, I couldn't wait to get back to my desk, so I ran--as one does. Mind you, I was quite the runner before puberty hit. I was only going half speed, and I even slowed down the closer I got to our classroom. Well, I guess I didn't slow down enough because as soon as I entered, my foot slipped from under me and I fell right on my bum. That was one of my most graceful moments.

2. "You, too" syndrome
We've all done it. You know, when someone says something to you, like "hey, you look extra beautiful today" and you say "oh thanks, you too." Oopsie moment when you realize the person who complimented you was a guy. 

3. Talking burp.
I was with my friends in college and our campus was known for its many stairs. We were making our way down one of the many stairs and I was telling a story. Out of nowhere, a loud, very unlady-like burp came out of me. Did I mention my boyfriend at the time was next to me? Did I also mention that the rest of my friends started pointing and laughing at me? Mor-ti-fied.

4. Crush + Me = Brain Melt
I did a show in Los Angeles and after the last show, we all went down to a little bar. I had water while everyone else had a nice drink or two. When I was about to leave with my friends, one of my co-stars came to hug me for a good minute while he said something about how he felt working with me. I honestly cannot remember what he said because my brain turned into mush. When he pulled back, I looked at him and stuttered "o-okay. bye." Well, glad that was over with.

5. Crowd Fart
Ever been to one of those big conventions where there's like thousands of people? You know, when you're standing in a big crowd, it's pretty hot and almost suffocating, and suddenly, you have a need to pass some gas. Then someone says out loud "Ew, someone just farted. Omg." You look around along with everyone else so no one would notice it was you. Yep. I sure hope that girl isn't reading this LOL. (If you are, I'm sorry! Blame it on nature.)

Well, wasn't that fun? Let me know in the comments some of your awkward/embarrassing moments!


  1. Haha, these are so funny! I have had so many embarrassing things happen to me!

    Corinne x

  2. Haha I loved reading those and I can definitely relate to some of these moments, especially number 2. It is so awkward when you're accidentally wishing the waiter a nice meal or the person working at the airport a safe trip haha. xx


  3. I feel like awkward things happen to me allllll the time, and then I think about them for 7 years later cringing haha!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  4. Hey! Sorry it took me a few days to read this!

    I just did a similar version to that whole "you too" thing. I had taken a bunch of cough medicine and my friend texted me "happy birthday" and my brain said it was one of those things you repeat back i.e. "Love you/sweet dreams/etc" so I replied "happy birthday to you too" and went to bed without realizing what I'd done lol.

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