BEAUTY/LIFE | March Favorites 2016

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Hi everyone! I'm so glad to be back blogging. Thanks for sticking around! Today, I want to share my favorite things in March.

Rimmel by Kate #08 - I reached for this lipstick more than I did my other lipsticks. I love that it's the perfect pink nude.

Pacifica Beauty Jet Set Trio - I love their haircare! The shampoo I would definitely repurchase. My hair just feels amazing when I use this trio.

Clementines/Tangerines - I'm not really sure what the correct name is for these fruits, but I call them clementines. My coworker peeled one for me and I never looked back. I fell in love, and now I juice them. I have been loving juicing so much lately, knowing that my juice is freshly squeezed and totally healthy.

Heated Match by Lynne Silver - this was a sexy read about a journalist and a genetically enhanced soldier. I love a combination of romance and action in a book, not to mention the comedic breaks. I highly recommend this book and author.

Headspace - I was recommended by my psychologist to check this out. I was so glad that I did. The program called Take 10 was amazing. I have been meditating as often as I can and honestly, I feel like it's helping. I would suggest checking it out if you suffer from anxiety or too much stress.

Shadowhunters - I mean, do I need to explain myself? I talked about it in previous blog posts. I'm incredibly obsessed with #malec and honestly, I love every single character. They're all so beautiful and handsome and so talented. I would admit, the show is very cheesy, but I learned to love it, and now I'm obsessed. Alec Lightwood is one hot Shadowhunter, am I right? Tomorrow is the season finale!!!