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It's been years since I've been to a nice Vietnamese restaurant, and then I remembered Pho Saigon Express. I used to visit this restaurant when I was in college, whether I wanted a takeout or I wanted to have dinner with friends. So, I decided to bring a couple of my foodie friends to see what their verdict would be.


Of course, as always with every restaurant, it all depends on what you order. I personally think that most of the dishes are delicious, but the Salt and Pepper Shrimp (pictured above) is the absolute best. I could honestly taste the pepper and I feel like that's quite a difficult feat to achieve. Big thumbs up to them for making such an amazing batter for these amazing shrimps.

When I was in college, I enjoyed ordering the Seafood Fried Rice for takeout. I'd usually split the dish into two meals because, you know, college budget and all. But during my second visit this year, not having had this dish in years, I almost ate the whole plate! I had to reel myself in and stop because I wanted leftovers the next day. Some of the seafood in it actually didn't taste of anything, but they were tender so I didn't mind. I just loved the dish overall.

One of my foodie friends always order a pork sandwich when he goes to Vietnamese restaurants, and I'm happy to say that he approves. He ate it so quickly, it was gone before I made a dent in my own food.

Let's go back in time and talk about my first visit this year. I ordered the flat noodles. I don't actually remember if I'd ever had flat noodles before, but I was so excited that I completely forgot to take a photo. Anyway, the dish didn't look much, but I quickly realized that it was because the noodles were flat! The sauce was so delicious, though; it was hard not to order it again on my second visit. 

Overall, if you're in the area and you love Vietnamese food, I would highly recommend this place. Sometimes the wait might be a bit long, but the food is definitely worth it.

Pho Saigon Express
605 N Broadway
Escondido, CA 92025
(760) 746-4669

What's your favorite Vietnamese dish?