LIFE | My Name Is Not Anxiety

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People may read the messages in the little post-it notes, but understanding would be even more appreciated. If you really care, you'd try to be supportive, not judgmental. It's okay to be confused by it, but it's not okay to talk down or make fun of someone dealing with anxiety.

Hi everyone, sorry for the late blog post today. I saw the video above on Facebook and I was about to share it on my wall when I started writing the paragraph above. So, instead of possibly alienating close-minded people on Facebook, I thought I'd write a blog post instead. Hey, it's my space, I can write about what I want to. :)

I am thankful that I have seen improvement in myself and that I can honestly say that I feel mentally healthier compared to myself last year. I'm thankful for all the therapy sessions I've been to and the minutes of meditation I've done since.

But just because I feel better, doesn't mean I'm cured. I don't honestly know if anxiety can be completely cured, or if the people dealing with them just learn to cope better. Whatever it is, I'm grateful for all the tools available to me, and even more grateful that I've managed to avoid taking Xanax, even when I've felt so low.

Sometimes we may feel depressed or that the challenges are too hard. I agree, giving up is such a tempting path because it's easier. But think of the good times that you've had. Think of all the smiles and the laughter. It's possible to have those moments. You and I know that because we've lived it. So, don't give up hope. No matter how tough it gets or how painful it feels, keep fighting. And if you need someone to talk to, I'll be here. You're not alone. :)


  1. What a beautiful post & video, it makes me happy to see people raising awareness. And all the things in this video are so true, anxiety doesn't have a certain look and it mostly goes unnoticed. Like the majority of all mental illnesses. I'm glad that the sessions have helped and that you're feeling better, if you ever need to talk, i'm here too. xx

    1. thanks for being so lovely! I'm glad that people are raising more awareness about anxiety. I think, if it wasn't for Zoella, I would have never gotten help, and I'd still have been miserable until now.