Meeting Amanda

12:00:00 AM Arianne 5 Comments

This past Sunday was so special because I met Amanda officially! We crossed paths during the Social Hour by Jaaackjack event, but we only said 'hi' to each other and were too shy to really say anything else. 

Anyway, she was so lovely and left comments on each of my videos and she was so supportive. When she mentioned she wanted to try one of the products I mentioned in my videos, I offered to send her some samples. That's when I realized she lived in the same county. From then, I suggested we do a collab video, we started texting, and the rest is history.

I picked her up from her school, and then we drove north to my favorite sushi place. I hyped it up telling her that every waiter/waitress was gorgeous. I was glad she wasn't disappointed. She was a bit flustered, actually, which was funny and cute.

Amanda is also a YouTuber and she's vegan. She's the first vegan I've met in person and I told her that I'm excited to learn a lot from her when it comes to vegan foods.

We stopped at Ulta for a few minutes, then we went back to my place. I filmed a video while she prepared for our collab. We filmed a video for my channel and for her channel. It was so cool and fun to do!

We finished filming sooner than expected, so I suggested we go take some photos. She was only too happy to be my model for the day. I'll update the portrait section of my Photography portfolio to show some of the shots I took of her soon.

We had such a fun day and we were so comfortable with each other. Amanda has such an open and welcoming energy, even if she thought she was shy at first. Seriously, her vibe is the kind that everyone would gravitate towards because she's literally a ray of sunshine. I'm so happy we finally met in person. I'm looking forward to more adventures together! :)

Have you ever connected with someone online and then met them in person and totally hit it off?


  1. That's such a cute post. I've never met a person from the blogging/YT community in real life but I would love to and that's why I really want to go to a blogger event. The sushi looks amazing btw. xx

    1. It's so nice finally meeting someone that "gets it", you know? :)

  2. Woo internet friends! All my friends are bloggers now, haha. Glad you had a such a lovely time together.

    Corinne x

    1. that's so cool. hopefully I can build my circle like that, too :)

  3. the sushi!!! they look so yummy! x

    jess x |