How Anxious People Are Portrayed On Television

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I was watching one of my favorite shows Blindspot. There was a scene where three people were trapped in an elevator during an FBI lockdown, and one of those people just happen to not like closed spaces. She started getting really anxious and also started to panic.

I love the show and everything, but the way that anxiety was portrayed really irritated me. I understand that people have different ways in which they experience anxiety. It's an invisible illness for a reason! It means people don't freak out the way that character did. The actor portrayed people with anxiety as if people suffering from it are crazy. That's offensive to me.

What's more offensive? Another character told her that she was "overreacting." That really pushed my buttons. 

This is one of the reasons why I want to get back into acting. I want an accurate portrayal of people who actually struggle with an invisible mental illness. It's appalling that it's still such a taboo and most people still equate it to being insane. 

Having a mental illness doesn't always mean insanity. That's such an ignorant mentality. Hah, mentality. 

My mental struggles may seem trivial to some people, but it's very real to me when all I want to do is wish for it to end. If only people were more open-minded...

Anyway, sorry for the rant. I just needed to get that out. Let's all work to end the ignorance against mental illness, shall we?


  1. There is a lot of stigma around talking about mental illness and I, like you, often find that it's portrayed really badly on television. It always seems to follow the same stereotypical and over the top drama that does little to reflect the actual condition. I hear ya, girl!

    xx ❤ La Coco Noire

  2. Such a great topic to discuss and very well written! x

  3. That scene sounds really cliche! Every time people get stuck in a tight space on tv there's always someone with panic about it!

    Corinne x

    1. I can understand panic, but she was bordering mental... it was a really bad representation.

  4. Great topic and eloquently written post. You make some excellent comments on how anxious people are portrayed on TV. I suffer from mental health problems too and I often find the way it’s shown on TV can be a bit hit and miss. I think it’s important for the actors to have their own knowledge and experiences to be able to portray these kind of roles. It sounds like this particular moment was done badly through lack of awareness. I find it really inspiring that you mentioned you want to be an actress to show these themes of mental health in a more honest light. I have found over the years it’s becoming less of a taboo because it’s becoming more openly discussed. So glad I popped by your blog today! Have a great weekend! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

  5. Yes thank you! I just watched that episode and I was like you can't be serious. Nobody tried to help her or help calm her down and then they practically made her look like an idiot for taking something to calm down. Then when there was something wrong and the other girl freaked out then there was compassion and reassuring �� I found it pretty offensive too.